The Forums hate Firefox? possibly?

Started by KrystalClear, 2016 Jul 31, 11:02:32

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2016 Jul 31, 11:02:32 Last Edit: 2016 Jul 31, 12:16:06 by KrystalClear
so I tried logging into the forums because I wanted to stop by the chat, I hadn't hung out there in a while, it had been such a long time in fact I forgot the forum chatbox isnt active during open server weekends, anyways so I try login on using firefox and it says I'm banned, so I'm like "huh... thats weird" so I try logging on with chrome and well here I am, so evidently I'm not actually banned otherwise it wouldn't work on chrome either right? also ya know, I haven't actually posted anything in like a year so there isnt any reason why I should be banned, I even went and checked all the posts I had made prior to make sure I didn't say something stupid at some point, nothing from what I can see.

so I will conclude this is a bug? possibly? unless I'm told otherwise, I mean I hope its a bug, unless the fact I can login regardless on chrome is the bug! in which case I helped eitherway, but for real if the second thing is the bug I'd like to atleast discuss the reasons for me being banned with someone if possible, I'm sure its probably a misunderstanding, because I really don't think I have done anything worthy of a ban.

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This problem was solved, thank you again Chrisgotjar c: much appreciated. Locking the topic.

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