Suggestion: reduce skill points

Started by Cogsworth Wingthrop, 2016 Jul 31, 08:45:01

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Cogsworth Wingthrop

Maybe they were giving out all the skill points to ensure the skills got tested, but it was to much.

I think if instead of getting points in each category, a player got so many points they could put in whichever category they want. This would mean players would have to chose if they are going to master 2 or 3 categories or dabble in all.

This would also encourage player to team up with others with different skill sets.
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I'm not privy to the details or even the general plans, but I suspect that the current XP and maybe TP rewards are both larger and more general than will exist in the "final" full release version.

If nothing else it would make more sense for XP to be awarded selectively based on what a pony does (either through actions or the choices during a quest) and TP begin awarded for levels in a talent (much as they are now, but the XP is awarded broadly). Want to improve your magic? Combat? Partying? Do quests and actions that use that talent.
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