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Started by HorizonTale, 2016 Jul 30, 08:16:18

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I'm sorry if I do thing wrong, but I am very confused as to how to fill out a game ticket and where to find the needed info for such one.. Especialy with this issue.

Long story short; I have a quest that sorta overlaps itelf repeatedly.

Went troughbthe procedure og the '' We'll fix that'' quest, given by Purple Rain. I spoke back and forth beetween the different ponies, when I spoke to Quicksand, which I was told to, it did not tell me what else to do, but as I got nothing, no exp or the like ( onlya  a bok, but wiki tells me I should ge some exp and bits too ) I supposed I should return to either Purple Rain or Loudsa Monet ( in Cloudsdale )  I returned first to Purple Rain, found him having a !-mark above his head but nothing that lead me further in the quest, I moved then on to Loudsa Monet - who also have a !- above his/her head, in Cloudsdale, where When I mention to her/him that I found Quicksilver, a double conversation with her, and Purple Rain ( who speaks like at the start of the quest ) appears.  This have now kept going for at least 5 times over and over as I have tried to talk to the different ponies in the quest again, as well as relogged. Nothing have helped on the issue

Screenshot here:

Cogsworth Wingthrop

had the same problem. it is listed in the journal as "we'll fix it in post"

after getting the book from Quicksand, I could not give it to Loadsa Monet. I think that is where the problem is.
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