Drawing LOE ponies! Kinda.

Started by Lovestruck Hearts, 2016 Jul 29, 22:41:55

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Lovestruck Hearts

2016 Jul 29, 22:41:55 Last Edit: 2016 Oct 16, 14:19:59 by Lovestruck Hearts
Hi everypony! I'm pretty much trying to teach myself some art, and I figured; what better way to practice than to help people out?
Post pony requests below!

Also: I might only end up doing headshots of your pony, it depends how lazy i'm feeling.  X3

The pony I use in LOE is Eiskaffee, say hello if you'd like.


Your style looks very nice! Do you
Mind doin' my OC Galacto?

Spoiler: Full Body • show

Spoiler: Head Shot • show


🎈 Good Vibes 🎈

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