Cannot Login Loading error for Skills

Started by Necr0pony, 2016 Jul 29, 11:28:34

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Well my open server week end has come to a sudden close.... Upon talking to an NPC (The one that asks you can you hear the wind) The UI bugged out and i couldn't close the conversation so i decide to kill the game by closing it.

Go to log back on and upon attempting to log in get the Server listing 'Skills ... Error!' Deleted my version and unpacked the zip file again and restarted a fresh copy same error. I attempt to play on a fresh machine and still get the error... Not sure whats going on here if its the Zip or a server side error however i cannot log on.....  :c

I'm going to try a few other fixes will post here if i find a solution.


I had this error with Recipes, its within the AppData of the file, I went into my C: and searched LOE, since appdata hides itself on my computer, You just need to delete the LegendsofEquestria file and it will recreate that file when it opens the game again, without the error.

My file is under the location C:\Users\(MyName)\AppData\LocalLow\LoE
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