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Started by Examen, 2016 Jul 28, 02:33:58

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Heartland Expeditionary Force

The Heartland Expeditionary Force, or HEF, is an organization of combat and support oriented ponies who operate out of the Heartlands. Its primary task is defense and protection of travelers and explorers wandering through the beautiful and dangerous Heartland area.

Responsibilities and tasks of the HEF are as follows:
- Patrol of trouble spots in the Heartlands area.
- Impartial assistance, if needed, in PvP conflicts.
- Assistance with quests, monster battles, or simply escorting or guiding players through the Heartlands area.
- Having a great time and enjoying the beauty of the Heartlands area.

- Be professional and respectful.
- If you are requested to provide assistance within the Heartlands, and you are capable of doing so, please be helpful and provide assistance to the best of your ability.
- Have fun!

- General of the Armies - Leader of the HEF, unless otherwise noted, will be Examen (Forum) or Simple Majority (On server).
- General's Staff - Second in command advisory staff to the GotA.
- Corporal - Squad Commanders, they report to the General's Staff or the GotA if they need assistance. Made up of proven and trusted HEF members, have authority of a small group of ponies.
- Regulars - Rank and file of the HEF, report to their Corporal if they need assistance.
All members are to assist with the providing of assistance and other above noted responsibilities, regardless of rank!

Application (We accept all races and types of pony!):
OC Name:
Forum Name:
OC Age:
OC Race:
OC Gender:
Your level of knowledge of the Heartland area: (A low level of knowledge does not mean that we will reject you. This is to gauge who you'll be deployed with.)

Member list will be updated as time goes on.

Member List:
General of the Armies: Simple Majority/Examen
General's Staff:

See you in the Heartlands!
Life is about building something that will outlast you.


OC Name: Mirror Image
Forum Name: Hooter
OC Age: 22
OC Race: Pegasus
OC Gender: Female/Mare
Your level of knowledge of the Heartland area: Slightly below average maybe? :P


Welcome to the HEF! Hope to see you in the game soon! We operate mainly out of the Amareka server.
Life is about building something that will outlast you.


2017 Sep 15, 15:17:57 #3 Last Edit: 2017 Sep 21, 20:49:01 by raphaelelf Reason: Joined another herd.
OC Name: Opal Shield
Forum Name: raphaelelf
OC Age: 19
OC Race: Dirt horse
OC Gender: Male

I have generally explored the area. I have located many features like: large black river rocks, a fire spire, a big dirt pit, explored a vine covered dungeon and found a dragon which i can defeat solo.  

Edit: i Have just joined another herd. soz

Dewpaw Onyx Ruby Key

OC Name: Dewpaw Onyx Ruby Key(just Dewpaw Key in game)
Forum Name:same as above
OC Age: 18
OC Race: pegasus
OC Gender: female
Your level of knowledge of the Heartland area: medium-low(heavily explored,still exploring)
My profile pic is a 1984 joke I drew while slacking off my senior year of high school. The character is my ponysona Dewpaw Key. Remember,Big pony is watching.
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