The Servers are now Open(Update: The Servers are Closed)!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jul 29, 00:00:36

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"No character selection room is running at this time"
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Sunny Skies (NLR)

I have the same problem..


I feel like the game got better compared to last open server weekend

anyway time to wait  for servers to come up while boredly waiting until 10:00 so I can go watch shows

Look kitty, a wizard

[insert grumpy cat meme here]


Got in in the last hour and so far loving it! Always seems better than the last OSW! Thank you for this!
Currently hanging out at Sugar Cube Corner in for the Closing Party! Fun!


I'm going to miss the party

I'm trying to refrain myself from yelling in all caps and raging over here so you better be proud of me for going it very well


nevermind throw me in the trash

Look kitty, a wizard

[insert grumpy cat meme here]


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I played on Linux today. Interestingly, I could not see armor/clothes, or that candy cloud attack. I also had an unreliable bit count. At one point it reported I had over 2 billion bits, but still less than the maximum value of a 32 bit integer. Later it said I had 60 bits, then I bought something and it said 994 bits.

My Internet connection is at a measly 1Mbps right now, so I should mention that as well.

I used the wrong version I guess. I downloaded the new client and still had the old one in my downloads folder. So I deleted the old one. But there were actually two old versions there. Amazing that it worked at all I guess.  :P


Well It's over sadly couldn't play as a pegasus due to the crash thing I had since the first day but still played as an earth pony as always had fun can't wait to December!!!

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