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Started by DeceptiveCadance, 2016 Jul 26, 16:31:36

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2016 Jul 26, 16:31:36 Last Edit: 2016 Oct 18, 06:50:44 by DeceptiveCadance

With limited release on the horizon and the upcoming July OSW, it is a good a time as ever to join together in friendship! I'm Deceptive Cadance, known in-game as Fancy Frosting, and I'm pleased to announce the creation of the herd <Sweet and Elite>! Hopefully herds will actually be implemented in the game sometime soon! Until then, we'll exist on the forums and in our chat group.

What We Do

First, we host and join in on events. Second, we roleplay. Events consists of games, like hide and seek, or expeditions where we set off into the wilderness. For roleplay, we have meet-and-greets where we all meet each other in-character, as well as future spontaneous roleplay. Members are divided between hosts and participants. You can either help run events by advertising or explaining the rules, or just simply join as a participant. We are very inclusive in roleplay, but we adhere to certain standards. If it would not fit in the spirit or canon of the show, it's not appropriate for roleplay. Other than that, be creative! Roleplaying isn't required; you can just join as a general participant. The same goes for hosts. Hosts can either manage their own events or help out as a co-host.


Event Rules

-Have fun!

Roleplay Rules

-Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi only. No alicorns, sorry!
-Original characters only. No show or canon characters, sorry!
-All characters and storylines must fit the canon and spirit of the show.
-No NSFW. No violence beyond the show.
-No modern technology or real-life references. Definitely no firearms.
-Original characters and roleplay interactions are subject to constructive critique by roleplay hosts.

Upcoming Events

Hide and Seek (July 29-31 @ 5:00 PM) - http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=16010.0


General Information

In-Game Name(s):
Events of Interest:
Host: (yes/no)
Roleplay: (yes/no)

Roleplay Information

OC Name(s): (only necessary for roleplayers)
OC Information: (link or brief description)


Event Hosts

-Vanilla Ice (Bronidak)
-Spectra Dust (SpectraDust)

Event & Roleplay Hosts

-Fancy Frosting (DeceptiveCadance)

Event Participants

-Silversong (NotoriousSMALL)

Event & Roleplay Participants

-Aerial Strike (DaisyFire)
-Autumn Rain (narfelthegarthunk)
-Blue Breeze (Lycanhope)
-Day Dream/Mystic Brew (Day_Dream)
-Mango Punch (Ravirr)
-Silver Spirit (Silver_spirit)
-Spectre Flare (DarkSpectre)
-Viridian (Majestic)


2016 Jul 26, 17:23:33 #1 Last Edit: 2016 Jul 26, 17:32:45 by Ravirr
In-Game Name(s): Mango Punch
Host: No
Roleplay: Yes

OC Information

OC Name(s):  Mango Punch
OC Information: Grew on a Mango Tree and was sold into slavery by evil Zebras when she was young and sent to the silvermines of Hoofington. Later staged a non-violent revolution to free all slaves and became their new leader. Today shes a minimum wage worker on the Apples Apple-Farm, which she hates because apples are not mangos.


2016 Jul 26, 17:29:37 #2 Last Edit: 2016 Jul 26, 17:46:25 by NotoriousSMALL

In-Game Name(s):Silversong
Events of Interest: all
Host: no


Very amusing backstory Ravirr, though I'm not sure if Hoofington is part of Equestria and if slavery would have been allowed there.


2016 Jul 26, 19:13:13 #4 Last Edit: 2016 Jul 26, 19:19:47 by bronidak
In-Game Name(s):Vanilla Ice
Events of Interest: everything
Host: i'd like to be co-host, but not host (too much reponsibilities)
Roleplay: yes, but don't expect too much from me or my character.

OC name(s): Vanilla Ice
OC information: Vanilla ice is a pony... a friendly pony, who likes having fun and doing things she likes. Oh, and she's not perfect ! (What a great story!)


Quote from: DeceptiveCadance on 2016 Jul 26, 19:04:30
Very amusing backstory Ravirr, though I'm not sure if Hoofington is part of Equestria and if slavery would have been allowed there.

Trixie mentioned that she battled an Ursa Major there in Boast Busters, so the name is canon. :P
For slavery: Its an autonomous area. They declared independence from Equestria but its not officially recognized by anyone yet.


In-Game Name: Aerial Strike
Event of Interest: Anything
Host: no
Roleplay: yes, but I've never done it so bear with me

OC name: Aerial Strike
OC information: She is a Pegasus commander of the army that has a split personality. One that is basically her normal self and the other side being a little more dark and rude. Overall she is a pony that can take charge but is a caring pony who loves to live life. (i apologize if this sounds like crap or not a lot of thought put into it. I don't have all my ideas in order with any character I create I just usually draw them.)
I am also known as Aerial Strike.


Hello, we met at the hid and seek event you held. just thought I'd send you a message.

In Game Name: Autumn Rain
Event of Interest: Any
Host: Not sure what that means.
Roleplay: No experience, but happy to learn.


In-game name: Silver spirit
Event of interest: anything.
Host no
Roleplay: yes

OC name: Silver Spirit
OC info: he is an average earth pony musician formerly grew up in manehatten and now lives in ponyville. though he may not be perfect, but overall he is a nice, musician pony that likes to spend time with his family and friends and does whatever he can to help get back on their hooves whenever his friends or family feels down.


General Information

In-Game Name(s): Spectra Dust.
Events of Interest: Anything, really.
Host: If you need hosts, I'd be more then happy to be one.
Roleplay: Not at the moment. I may change my mind though.


Spectra, would you like to help co-host with today's hide-and-seek?


Quote from: DeceptiveCadance on 2016 Jul 30, 16:20:57
Spectra, would you like to help co-host with today's hide-and-seek?

Yeah sure! I'd love to help out.  :D


2016 Jul 30, 18:49:17 #12 Last Edit: 2016 Jul 30, 18:51:04 by Jcfraven
Spoiler: Group Picture of the Hide and Seek Crew! • show


In-Game Name(s): Viridian
Events of Interest: Anything and everything
Host: No
Roleplay: Yes

OC Name: Viridian
OC information: http://profile.ponylands.net/Viridian
(I have a more detailed bio available upon request if that's too short. :P)
Green is not a creative color.


2016 Aug 04, 03:30:17 #14 Last Edit: 2016 Aug 04, 03:34:54 by DarkSpectre
In-Game Name(s): Dark Spectre
Events of Interest: Just about anything, roleplaying is a very small side thingy and my character's backstory has been in progress, retconned, and rebooted several times since the start, don't see it stopping anytime soon.
Host: Happy to assist
Roleplay: I'll say yes and give the info, but I wouldn't expect it too often. Unless of course doing so sparks my interest, I've not really roleplayed much outside my group of friends.

OC Information
The background I have on file is much more detailed, but I'll shorten it for the sake of the app.

OC Name(s):  Dark Spectre
OC Information: A changeling that has lost memory of early life from encounters with dark magic while young. Slowly loses sanity with magic use, seeks to discover the source of his affliction, be it via bloodline or residual dark magic, and negate it if possible. If forced to fight, can burn excess love to increase physical capabilities in place of magic, but doing so leaves him drained rather quickly.

As the roleplay rules state "Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi only", I'd use the following as an alternative, should changelings not be allowed.

OC Name(s):  Spectre Flare
OC Information: Dark Spectre's main disguise. This "Earth Pony" is a member of the Flare House nobility, which they acquired through a long con and Royal Guard service over several generations. The Flare nobles are known among some of the less upstanding citizens for their ability in gathering information, on ponies or otherwise, and for the right price may be hired as informants.  If forced to fight, Spectre catches fire, enhancing his strength to earth pony levels while burning his opponent on hit. Of course, doing so drains his love rapidly, and keeping the fire around is a double-edged sword. He's also burning himself somewhat in the process...

Free Hugs!


General Information

In-Game Name(s): Day Dream, Mystic Brew
Events of Interest: Hide n Seek, Possibly raiding parties or expeditions to fight baddies, rp sessions with various scenarios, or maybe even a cake theft that plays out like a who done it.
Host: Maybe, if help is needed I'm happy to step in.
Roleplay: Yus!

Roleplay Information

OC Name(s): Day Dream, Mystic Brew (More to be added later)
OC Information:

Day's info:
Spoiler: show
 Day Dream is a relatively short, scrawny pegasus mare whom some day wishes to be a prominent member of the royal guard. This freckle-faced mare is exceedingly loyal, determined, and friendly, although does have a bit of a hero complex.

Mystic's Info:
Spoiler: show
 Mystic Brew is a calm, mysterious, and sharp tongued unicorn whom was raised at the better part of her foalhood by a traveling group of zebras. She is a skilled magician and alchemist with a particular knack for illusion-esc spells.

Short descriptions are short. I'm awful at writing bios. >.<


General Information

In-Game Name(s): Blue Breeze (Please don't say "Blueberries" DD:),
Events of Interest: All
Host: No, But willing to help.
Roleplay:Yes, definitely, absolutely.

Roleplay Information

OC Name(s): Blue Breeze (Again, Please don't say "Blueberries")
OC Information: Very much a trickster, loves aggravating foes and allies alike to test them which usually puts him into bad situations and/or makes situations worse. Born in Cantermore/Canterlot, Tutored under GENERIC TEACHER #5, Tries to avoid being a "Special Snowflake" (Or a Mary Sue if you catch my drift)

T-That's probably a character people will like. R-Right? I mean he's not edgey and I hope he's not generic, so ya know?
"Q: What kind of monster brings you chocolates and flowers before it eats you?
A: A Romanticore.
Thank you I'm here all night"
-Lycanhope, God of humour (Or something like that?)


 :3 Application

General Information

In-Game Name(s): Beeew
Events of Interest: Everything
Host: (yes/no) No
Roleplay: (yes/no) Yes

Roleplay Information

OC Name(s): Beeew
OC Information: The best OC


I'd like to join if this is still active


I'd also love to join this if it's still alive.

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