Hide & Seek Events in Canterlot/Ponyville VI: The Return..... with a VENGEANCE!

Started by CMC Scootaloo, 2016 Jul 26, 01:13:02

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CMC Scootaloo


Quote from: FlutterButterflyMLP on 2016 Jul 31, 00:37:33
Hey Scoots! Wanted to come here and tell you that I have had so much fun these past few days! I recorded all of today's event and thankfully, it saved! So yeah. If I don't make it tomorrow, at least I'll have something to cherish. If it's still going strong at like 2:00 central or a little bit before, then I just might make it.
Even if I don't, we can still keep in touch here! Thanks for providing entertainment for us all!
See you around!

You're welcome, Cherry Sweet! It was a pleasure to have you there!
And thank you for your suggestions with the Hide & Seek events in Cloudsdale and with teams! I'm going to test the teams out once the closed Beta has started!
Thanks for coming! 0:)
If you want to meet Scootaloo, be on the lookout for her during OSWs!


I'm pretty disappointed. I tried everything to make it work,used the launcher,nothing,direct download of both things,nothing,changed settings,nothing.

Seriously,by this being the last OSE I really wanted to enjoy it but nothing worked,I dint even get past the loading screen before crashing  >:/ And there are more people with this problem and no answers anywhere. I finally got a good internet but my computer is so bad I wont get to play it in december probably.  DD:

I just give up honestly.


Hey, Scoots!
I am so happy I could attend every single Hide and Seek event hosted by you this OSW, even if for one of them I only got to play three rounds! ^-^

Thank you so much for hosting these events. They are what makes the OSWs so much fun for me! 0:)

I certainly hope I can apply for limited access and see you there!  <3

I am a student digital artist and a big fan of Steven Universe. I'm playing as Pastel Cloud.<br />See you in Equestria!<br /><br />

CMC Scootaloo


Quote from: FloraFlashFly on 2016 Jul 31, 09:01:08
I just give up honestly.

Don't be so frustrated. I know that feeling, that's how I felt after the January OSW. I could get into the game, but could barely do anything because of having such a bad connection and computer at this time.
But I survived it and came back and here I was! Attending another OSW and it was as fun as ever.
I can also understand the frustration that you couldn't attend the very last OSW, that is the same I felt when I failed to properly attend the 10th OSW.
But you shouldn't give up because of that. There's more Legends of Equestria in the future and in December, it will be possible to play it unlimited.
Try to apply for the closed beta once the applications open and get better computer hardware until December. And if you don't have money for that, it's December. Wish for new hardware as a Hearth's Warming Eve present.
I know you love the game and it's worth it to return, so don't give up! :D


Hi there! 0:) Thanks for coming as well! Your cheerfulness really enriched the event!

The first Hide & Seek video is compressing right now and done in a few hours! I'm uploading them when they are all finished. 0:)

Quote from: FlutterButterflyMLP on 2016 Aug 01, 00:32:50
I certainly hope I can apply for limited access and see you there!  <3

I don't know the details yet, but everyone should be able to apply. Getting on the servers then is a different matter, as the space is sure limited for now, but give your best and try it! I would really like to see you there again!

Edit: Nice picture! 0:)
If you want to meet Scootaloo, be on the lookout for her during OSWs!


My name's Ginger Paws! But you can call me Ginger!

CMC Scootaloo

So, more than four months later, here are finally the reports of the latest Hide & Seek event, with screenshots and videos!
To not lose any time with more words, here we go into the fun:

The first event started and as it is tradition, we began our game in Canterlot.....

Spoiler: The first group of attendees..... • show

Dawnshy, Spicy Flow, Metronome, Spectra Dust, Blue Cloud, Witching Hour, Ginger Paws, Zahara Stars, Midnight Hush, Jet Black, Meteor Sprint and Cherry Sweet joined Scootaloo for the start of the event and got in line accordingly.
Aside from Witching Hour, who was still busy plotting her world domination in the background:

Spoiler: The first round happened and of course, Hush had to reach for the stars • show

Nopony found her up there and even when Scoots came for a photo, she had to dance on the roof to signify her position:

After Scoots had made a picture of her in her hard to find hideout, we went onwards to Round 2.....

Spoiler: Dawnshy was chosen to hide in Round 2 and was "found" rather quickly by Zahara Stars • show

No, Zahara, you didn't actually find her. It was just a server relocation. Give back that medal:

We repeated the round and Ginger Paws found Dawnshy in her hideout, that was in front of everypony's eyes and yet hidden, and everypony came to check out her hiding spot:

Don't give me these looks, Zahara. Ginger Paws is the real winner of the round.
Meanwhile, Cherry Sweet was busy sharing anecdotes about her uber hiding skillzz.....

Spoiler: Only one pony was predestined to find Ginger Paws in Round 3 • show

Hush demonstrated her own skillzz, in climbing this time, and traced Ginger Paws in her hideout:

Then Spectra Dust became jealous of the good spot, indicated by the glares she was giving Ginger.

Spoiler: A short break before Round 4 • show

We took a little break before we started with Round 4. Scootaloo used the time to make Cherry Sweet realize that nopony leaves her dystopian paradise where everypony is happy hide and seek games:

Spoiler: Hush gets another chance to hide..... • show

Zahara Stars: Can I just be declared winner of this round?
Scoots: No.


Hush was found by Spectra and we celebrated her achievement with candy showers before returning to the train station:

Spoiler: And we continued celebrating before Round 5 • show

Some ponies even died, so hard did we party:

Spoiler: Spectra Dust went into hiding next • show

She was found by Zahara Stars while cooling off from the party before:

Spoiler: We waited for everypony to return at the train station..... • show

.....while Witching Hour was busy giving advice on how to use your attacks efficiently to conquer Equestria. But Zahara Stars and Spectra Dust just let it rain candy all the time until Witching gave up in frustration:

We continued without Blue Cloud and Spicy Flow who had mysteriously vanished, but Gaming Analysis and Gloom plus had joined earlier, so the size of our group remained consistent:

Spoiler: Ginger Paws strikes again! • show

Everypony thought Zahara Stars would win, but then Ginger Paws found her close to the end of the round:

Spoiler: Moving Locations • show

After Round 6, we moved the game to Ponyville based on an overwhelming amount of votes for it:

Spoiler: Arrival in Ponyville • show

Spoiler: Round 7 happened • show

And while searching, Scootaloo pondered if the water in the well was a lie too, because Ginger Paws had given her ideas:

Of course this was just a strategy to distract the seekers, but it did not work and Cherry Sweet found her:

Spoiler: A new player joined..... • show

Libra joined our team after Round 7:

Spoiler: Round 8 had Cherry Sweet hiding • show

And she chose to beat around the bush until Spectra found her:

Spoiler: An early group picture • show

Blue did return for Round 8, but he had to leave again and so had Witching Hour and Ginger Paws, so we made an early group photo in front of the schoolhouse:

Spoiler: A relocation happened before the last round • show

And Scootaloo got really mad about it for a moment:

Spoiler: A last winner • show

In the last round, Spectra Dust managed it to not be found and won the final round of the event:

After this, the first Hide & Seek event was over. A last round of dancing at the train station, then we departed and went our ways.....

And that was it for the first event! If you want to relive the moments, check out these videos:

Spoiler: Hide & Seek Event #1 Videos • show

The second event started out slow when only four ponies came.....

Spoiler: Waiting for more players • show

It was pretty cold too, but we huddled up with our lanterns while waiting for more players to come:

Spoiler: ..... but ten minutes later, a respectable number of eight players had arrived! • show

Blue Cloud, Cherry Sweet, Libra and Meteor Sprint returned after the fun they had during the first event; Doctor Invy, DJ Knockout, Caramel Strudel and caramel owl joined as new players. We didn't lose any time and started, choosing Libra as the hider:

Spoiler: And Libra went watching birds in the trees..... • show

.....where she was quickly found by Doctor Invy just after a few minutes:

Spoiler: We quickly continued after this short round • show

It had become night by now and Doctor Invy thought nopony would see him if he hides in front of a house whose residents were out for the night. But Blue Cloud found him anyway:

Spoiler: Blue Cloud hid in Round 3 • show

But Scoots was more busy with explaining the rules again than with searching, because a new player had joined with Red Cherry:

All she could do was visiting Blue Cloud in his hideout after he was not found and proved that he had learned well from his master Sugar Rush:

Spoiler: One player gone and one player back • show

After Round 3, caramel owl had to leave, but Midnight Hush joined our ranks again. We were surprised about her late arrival, but maybe she wanted to wait until it was night:

Spoiler: Blue Cloud chose Libra as the next hider • show

This time, Libra went to watch fish. But again, she was quickly found, this time by Meteor Sprint:

Maybe you should stop watching animals while hiding, Libra. It makes you inattentive.

Spoiler: Round #5 • show

And Meteor Sprint went to watch..... nothing, because there was no life in the hideout he chose (microscopic life does not count):

He also remained the only lifeform there until Scoots came for a picture because nopony had found him.

Spoiler: A surprise visit by Commander Moon • show

After the fifth round, Commander Moon came to us. Turned out our hide and seek game had gotten the attention of the royal guard and they sent somepony to check us out:

She was fine with our event as she saw that we were just peacefully playing and not disturbing any citizens. Though we all felt a little uneasy after her check-up anyway, so it was decided to move to Ponyville!

Spoiler: Arrival in Ponyville • show

We arrived in Ponyville. Sadly, we lost Caramel Strudel and Doctor Invy on our way, but three new players joined as well!
And the local guard found us too, making us realize how efficient the communication system between the guards of Equestria is:

But this time we stayed, not letting our fun getting spoiled by overprotective guards, and a new, fun round ensued!

Spoiler: Aurora Gem was chosen as the hider for Round 6 • show

But Midnight Hush did not leave her any chance and found her chilling on a balcony after just two minutes:

Spoiler: Everypony was prepared for a very hard Round 7 • show

But Hush was surprisingly easy to find this time, Meteor Sprint only needed four minutes:

Spoiler: caramel owl and Libra took a little break, but the rest of us continued with Round 8 • show

Meteor Sprint was the next to hide:

And it turned out he is a ninja, because he was hidden in plain sight and yet nopony could find him until the literally last second:

Spoiler: After Round 8..... • show

The topic of Midnight Hush's abilities came up and we were discussing them:

After this, Blue Cloud had to leave.....

We showered him in candy for goodbye, then continued with the next round:

Spoiler: Metronome got to hide..... • show

.....and then it was Meteor Sprint who found him nine minutes into the round, which secured him his third chance to hide!

Spoiler: We kicked off Round 10 when..... • show

.....Cherry Sweet had to leave us, sadly.

Spoiler: During Round 10, Scootaloo had an interesting encounter..... • show

Book-infested book horses!

Spoiler: Meteor Sprint was not found..... • show

Once more he prove his ninja skills with a simple, but effective hideout:

Spoiler: Our team had shrunken greatly in the meanwhile, after more players had to leave • show

But we continued with another round. Meteor Sprint generously chose Scoots as the next hider of the event:

Spoiler: Scootaloo went off and found a very good hideout • show

But she had to scramble to reach it:

And she was never found, only the night guard came to stalk her:

Proudly, she announced her victory:

Spoiler: A victory dance at the train station..... • show

Spoiler: .....then the last round happened. • show

Metronome went into hiding for Round 12 and, lucky him, nopony found him! It was only left for Scoots to go to him and make a picture of him in his hideout:

Spoiler: A last group picture before our departure..... • show

Then the event ended. caramel owl returned surprisingly and we went for a group picture to the schoolhouse to remember the good times:

Then it was over and we left each other, but not for too long.....

And that's how our second event went down! Check out the video below to reminisce on the great time we had:

Spoiler: Hide & Seek Event #2 Video • show

Only ten hours later, our third event happened.....

Spoiler: And we saw familiar faces again • show

One of those faces was even a Familiar!*

*Haha! How many points do I receive for this pun?

Spoiler: We were five players at the start • show

And because Scootaloo adored Familiar so much, she was chosen as the first hider:

Spoiler: Her hideout was not far away • show

And Witching Hour found her apprentice very quickly, as Familiar couldn't reach a better hideout in the short time she had because she was unfamiliar with playing Hide & Seek. Get it? Familiar? Unfamiliar? Ha? OUCH! H-hey, don't OUCH, OUCH! Okay, okay, I stop! Geez.....

Spoiler: Preparing for Round 2 • show

After a little banter between Familiar and her dark master:

We continued with our second round and Witching Hour went searching for a hiding spot:

Spoiler: Ten minutes later..... • show

And Scootaloo found her unexpectedly!

Spoiler: Scoots was the lucky next hider for Round 3 and so she went off..... • show

Spoiler: Scootaloo in her tricky hideout • show

She found a very good one and chilled there while all the seekers searched for her without luck:

She even gave all of them three additional minutes to find her, that's how convinced she was that she was safe there:

And indeed she was! In the end, she had to reveal her hideout to everypony to let them find their way there:

Spoiler: We returned to the train station for Round 4 • show

And Libra got to hide next:

Spoiler: While searching for her, Scootaloo had a truly frightening experience..... • show

Right after the search began, she ran into a pony lying on the ground, then all of a sudden, it started to move and skid across the ground!

Luckily, a guard was there quick to take care of the undead:

Spoiler: Meanwhile, Libra did not notice anything in her secluded hideout • show

And she wasn't found either and therefore, declared winner of the round:

Spoiler: caramel owl returned! • show

During Round 4, caramel owl had returned into our midst, eager to participate once again:

Unfortunately, Meteor Sprint had to go after this round.....
Also, Scootaloo asked Libra if she could hide, after discovering that her last hideout could not be seen from the ground, to make up for the unfair hiding spot.

Spoiler: Arrived there, karma bit Scootaloo in the flank • show

In just one minute, she was found in her actually clever hideout, by a newbie to boot!

Spoiler: After round five, we had a little break to talk about the most important thing in the universe..... • show


Spoiler: In Round 6, Purple Berry was trying the same trick as Doctor Invy during the first event • show

And this time it worked, nopony found her and she won the round!

Spoiler: After the successful round, Purple Berry needed to decide for a new hider • show

While she did, Libra transformed her appearance using her secret powers and continued as Sapphire:

Spoiler: caramel owl became the chosen one for Round 7 • show

And Scootaloo began to search for her everywhere:

She even discovered what Witching Hour and Familiar do during Hide & Seek events when they aren't hiding:

caramel owl, though, was not sitting in a tree and K-I-S-S-I-N-G, she was sitting there and W-I-N-N-I-N-G instead:

Spoiler: Scootaloo decided to sit it out for Round 8 • show

She wanted to spend some time with Familiar:

Sadly, Familiar was more interested in searching for her master, so Scootaloo sat down alone and bid caramel owl, who had to leave suddenly, farewell:

Spoiler: Unexpected company arrives • show

While Scoots was still waiting for the end of the round, a sudden relocation interrupted the round and Cherry Sweet and Blue Cloud showed up for the rest of the event!

They replaced Sapphire and Purple Berry who had vanished during the relocation.

Spoiler: The repeat of Round 8 • show

Witching Hour had returned into her hideout and the round started anew:

After five minutes she was found. The tides turned this time and it was Familiar who uncovered her dark master:

Spoiler: Round 9 took its sweet time..... • show

Because we couldn't decide who should hide next, so we discussed this for five whole minutes. Eventually, a decision was made:

We also welcomed back Purple Berry who had managed to return!

Spoiler: Witching Hour gave the command..... • show

.....and off we went to find Blue Cloud!

Spoiler: The search happened • show

Scootaloo got tired..... but was luckily woken up by Blue Cloud who sent a raincloud full of cold water her way:

Then she went to his hideout after nopony had found him, even though it was in plain sight:

Spoiler: Cherry gets to hide • show

In the last round, Cherry was chosen as the hider because she came so late:

Spoiler: The early end of the round • show

Witching Hour found Cherry quickly after just two minutes and cut the last round short:

But we stayed in Cherry's hideout a little longer to chill and talk:

Spoiler: Then, the end of the event had come..... • show

We gathered at the fountain for a classical group picture:

After the picture, we finished the event:

Yet, this time, we did not leave each other for a change. After we made the picture we sallied out on an adventure to find the mysterious seapony in Ponyville.....

And with that, our third Hide & Seek event was over..... I recorded a video of this event too, check it out to remember our great time together:

Spoiler: Hide & Seek Event #3 Video (Don't mind the little jump at the end of the video, Fraps stopped recording, so some seconds are missing) • show

So much for the coverage of our latest Hide & Seek events..... But don't worry, Scootaloo has more in store for you!
In just a few days, the Limited Access Release will happen and if you are one of the lucky ones who gets accepted onto the servers, you will be able to attend three Hide & Seek events to celebrate the opening of the servers and the start of the Limited Access Release (
or "Closed Beta", as some refer to it)!
It won't be long anymore, keep an eye on the forum here for the announcement thread! 0:)
If you want to meet Scootaloo, be on the lookout for her during OSWs!


Haha, it was so nice to re-live those fun memories! Shame I could only make it to the first event...(Can't even remember why I didn't go to the others...Probably different timezones.) I really hope I can get into the LAR now! I'd love to play so more H&S! :D If I do get into the LAR, I'll see you at the events! ^^


I hope I make it into the LAR as well! Hide and Seek is one of my favorite parts of every OSW and I wouldn't want to miss it  ^-^
I am a student digital artist and a big fan of Steven Universe. I'm playing as Pastel Cloud.<br />See you in Equestria!<br /><br />

CMC Scootaloo


Quote from: SpectraDust on 2016 Dec 09, 16:19:59
Haha, it was so nice to re-live those fun memories! Shame I could only make it to the first event...(Can't even remember why I didn't go to the others...Probably different timezones.) I really hope I can get into the LAR now! I'd love to play so more H&S! :D If I do get into the LAR, I'll see you at the events! ^^

The timezones can be a problem, but the LAR will make everything easier. I will have lots of time to plan Hide & Seek events far in advance and to adjust my sleep cycle and schedules to hold events even at times most players usually can't attend.
Not fully sure how I will go about that, but thanks to the LAR, more players will definitely be able to attend my events! 0:)


Quote from: FlutterButterflyMLP on 2016 Dec 09, 16:56:14
I hope I make it into the LAR as well! Hide and Seek is one of my favorite parts of every OSW and I wouldn't want to miss it  ^-^

Cherry Sweet! :D Don't worry, in case you don't, there will be other opportunities in the future, I can host lots of Hide & Seek events now. 0:)
And of course there will be recordings and coverages too.^^

I really hope to see both of you too! Scoots is sitting on a cloud right now, watching the empty world under her, and she can't wait for it that it will soon be filled with lots of happy ponies! 0:)
If you want to meet Scootaloo, be on the lookout for her during OSWs!

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