Coffee or Tea?

Started by bobbykill201, 2015 Apr 06, 11:11:31

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Which do you like better Coffee or Tea

16 (36.4%)
Tea (Best beverage) :)
21 (47.7%)
7 (15.9%)

Total Members Voted: 40

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Which reminds me... I should make some coffee.

Winter is the best.

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I prefer tea.

Coffee tends to not agree with my taste buds and it has way too much caffeine. It puts me to sleep.

Tea, in either the hot or iced varieties, is good for a good sit down with family or friends, it generally tastes good, and it is good for relaxing after a stressful day. :)


I prefer tea. It serves as less of a laxative :P
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Tea. I'll drink coffee if you dump a ton of sugar and creamer in but otherwise it's just nasty. Smells nice though.
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Obviously this poll is rigged...


Quote from: Princess Darcy on 2016 Jun 29, 15:15:34
Obviously this poll is rigged...

I agree-- there was no "Water" or "Neither" options!


Well....I guess I can't blame people.  Mustn't be many Canadians here.  American coffee is passable at best except certain brands.  I found out when I was visiting a friend in the states a couple months ago I liked Gevalia brand.  I always have difficulty finding decent coffee whenever i'm down south of the border.  Dunkin is ehhh.  Even McDonalds coffee, which is passable here, is not good down there either

Nothing beats Tim Hortons.  Nothing.


Almost all coffee down here is absolutely horrible, yeah, but the tea is also ill-prepared (from where I've been, at least).  I can't stand either of them, save for coffee when I'm absolutely dead tired and in need of staying up another 2-5 minutes.


I don't really see how this poll is rigged. If anything, including the coffee option was a waste of time :P
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