Stories of Woof. Much Woof.

Started by Gamepaw, 2016 Jul 18, 21:07:41

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All the Stories:

All my stories mainly focus around Gamepaw my cuddly wolf character. Though other stories also include Poppy my labrador character and Sky my wolf pup character. There is also Violet my small deer character/love interest of cuddle wolf and finally Raven my Dragon/Human character who is the master/owner of my other characters if they are pets in that story.

Feel free to leave comments here or there about my stories, but Deviantart is where I will be posting any new ones.

My most favourited story currently is A trick to the vets, in which Game is forced to go to the vets by means of bribery. So you can go see for yourself if that story deserved it's favourites.

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