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Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jul 10, 21:25:12

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All aboard the Bullet Hype train.  Next stop, Equestria.

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OMG!! I will be waiting for the applications. I won't miss this for anything in the world  :D

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Guess I should apply myself without hesitation when the applications come out!

This is what we've all been waiting for, for four years. Though would the game push users to download the latest version if an update was released? That's what I'm wondering about.
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Quote from: SimK64 on 2016 Jul 11, 02:17:18
Ellowee gave a basic idea of how limited access will go.

It appears to be select people who apply to gain access to the game in December. Once they get in, they are set for the full release. What is limited is the number of players for December.

That is good to know.  Is the criteria for choosing those lucky people public / can a place at the table be earned?


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I was just talking about this with my friend over skype, how I suspected there'd be an OSW soon. Now I check in and see this unexpected development. Guess it's time to get back in the habit of checking in daily.

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Quote from: KrissyG05 on 2016 Jul 11, 07:20:51
This is very great to hear!!! :D But a question, what about a download?

The download will probably be there on the day of the OSW, if not a day or two before it starts.

Keep an eye out for news! :D

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Eee! I cannot wait! This game was always so much fun and now finally I will be able to do all the quests!
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Yeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeye!!!!! ;D Oh My Gosh!!

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 O: So excited! Give me my application now!   ^-^  Legends of Equestria is the best in the business!


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Definately going to do that December application. I've been to so many OSWs that I've lost count...  :s But it would be great to help out with bug testing, etc. on a more frequent basis. I wonder if being in a computer related field will help...


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! It's been 85 years!  :D


OMG I get to play the game for the first time maybe


WOOOO I can't wait! Quick question, though: do you have to be over 18 to sign up for the truely open servers? (I'm talking about once they permanently open in December)
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OMG For good!? i cant wait!! :D i've been waiting for this day to come to hear this! and i cant wait for open server weekend :D <3

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I can't wait!

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Quote from: Ellowee on 2016 Jul 10, 21:25:12
Hi, everypony!

In October of 2015 we announced that Legends of Equestria was entering alpha, and since that time our dedicated team has been working extremely hard to bring our vision of Equestria to you. It's been a long road, and you've been nothing but patient and supportive of us, so it is with our extreme pleasure that this year at BronyCon, we made an exciting announcement:

This December, Legends of Equestria will begin opening its servers starting with a limited access release!

What does that mean? Well, allow us to explain! In the coming weeks, we will be opening applications to the public to join us this December in playing Legends of Equestria. But not just for a weekend - when you enter Equestria this December it will be for good!

I hope you're as excited as we are about this announcement, so excited in fact that we're celebrating with one more Open Server Event! Join us Friday, July 29th to Sunday, July 31st and help us to commemorate this awesome milestone by having one more Sugarcane Corner party before we open our doors for good!

Stay tuned in for more information on how to apply to the Limited Access Release, as well as the upcoming Open Server Event. These are exciting times and we can't wait to share them with all of you!

Does this mean there are job applications before being in the LOE for life, or does that mean registering into the forum like newcomers always should do...? -- Oh, LAR procedures are on the way? Huh. o.O

SO, December marks the full alpha release of the LoE MMO that we've been anticipating for 5 years, eh? Surely it'll eventually update into Beta territories...! :P



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Yes... Yes!! YES!!  O:

I'm so looking forward to it!! I've always spent a lot of time on every weekend, and was really loving the recent changes we were seeing! I'm so excited to see what's new since January!  :D

(Though this thing kinda sounds like an application process, which may imply that people will be left out of this and I'm super worried about not being able to play in December, but I'll worry about that later!)
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