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Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jul 10, 21:25:12

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! ^-^ Another OSW, I'm so excited! And... limited access release? O: I can't wait for that! I hope I can be one of the lucky ones to get it (and all of my friends too! :D) Just a bit curious on how it works- is it like a first-come-first-serve basis? If so, then that is pretty clever. You would have people have the game for a while, then by the time the next LAA (limited access application) came around, the first set of people will have calmed down with the game making it a bit easier for you guys to keep track of and mod every little thing. Of course it could work differently, I'm sure more info will be released on this over time. Well, however it will work, I'm so excited and can't wait to play again with all my friends!
(Also, THANK GOODNESS that the date is right before the 1st of the month... I want to take my vacation from work for this, and we're not allowed to at the beginning of the month because of how busy it is during that time. I'm just going to make it :D can't wait!)

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That's amazing! This time, I won't give up! I will stay in my pc, till it is ready to play.  *-*
I never played it, cause the  in the previous OSW (Jan. 16th-17th) I quit, because I was bored. See you there (my OC's name is Thunder spin) ! :P 

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Ultra HYPE-TRAIN awaits!
As a pre-alpha (2013) veteran im planning to apply for December! Huzzzah!
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Which reminds me (can't believe that I haven't said this before)-- how do I apply for early access? Is there some sort of form or contract, or do I message a mod?
Good night, and good luck.


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Finally open servers! joy and whips O: :D I think , i will join testers   <3 And my dream will come true)


I would love to sign up for the closed beta this is really a great milestone for LoE!! :D

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And I can finally share with everyone what I know for weeks now! 0:)
Legends of Equestria is growing up now, soon it will be a respectable adult pony that will make Equestria proud!
And I watch it since it was a baby. :'( And now my baby is growing up. D:
But this means it will be even more fun to play with it! A song for the epic moment:

Just a few months more and Legends of Equestria will get its wings. D: And I will be there to soar with it through the sky! B) 0:)


Quote from: OtakuMegane on 2016 Jul 11, 00:36:33
If they think it's ready enough, I'm game.

We're still months away from that release and of course we're going to work hard through this time! There will be more amazing things added to the game between the upcoming OSW and the December release. 0:)
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First rate!!  I'll be there if I'm allowed!

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Quote from: Chicago Ted on 2016 Jul 11, 09:06:32
Which reminds me (can't believe that I haven't said this before)-- how do I apply for early access? Is there some sort of form or contract, or do I message a mod?

As the post mentioned, applications to play in December will be open in the coming weeks. The specifics of them I know not, nor am I qualified to give any real answer.

I hope to see you in-game!


Wow, so hyped! :D Can't wait and congratulations.  ^-^


:D  <3


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I just want to congratulate the LoE team for working so hard to get to this point!  I hope it's exciting for you all to see us lose our collective minds as it is for us to learn you're about ready to launch, even in a limited capacity!

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:D :3 lol
I can't wait to see all the new features!
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Awesome news!  Can't wait to revisit the game!  :D


Oh my celestia I can't wait to play for three days this will be my first time playing for three whole days :D
I have seen My Little Pony from G1 to Present so keep on smiling my little bronies and here is the link to my oc picture that someone draw for me


I'd say that's great news. I'm looking forward to playing the game with you guys. I just hope it's more improved than the last OSWs even though I didn't get the time to enjoy the game after being caught up with my own time and schedule.
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