Brony Symphony Orchestra Project!

Started by Enjeru Ichigo, 2016 Jul 10, 07:49:08

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Enjeru Ichigo

Hey there everypony, we are The Seapony Orchestra, currently we are still a new group that need more pony musician to join us, for those who are interested in orchestra music and know how to play musical instrument, no matter how good or bad you are also welcome to join!

First, who is The Seapony Orchestra?
We are a group of pony fans that love music and ponies, and also always have fun, love and tolerate to each others.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to share the beauty of pony music to the world, and become the most biggest international brony symphony orchestra.

What is our future plan?
We currently plan for performing the tribute to Melodic Pony and perform it during next year SEAPonyCon (19-20th August 2017), and also perform some music from other pony musician, but we currently lack of members so we need your help to join us so we can complete our goal.

Recently our brony symphony orchestra project, The Seapony Orchestra just get approved and will have our own official concert during SEAPonycon! And it will happen on next year 19-20th August at ThaiSummit Tower, Bangkok, Thailand. See ya'll at SEAPonyCon!

SEAPonyCon official website:

The Seapony Orchestra FB group:

Lastly, remember to have fun, join us and enjoy your stay, we always welcome everypony here!


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It's interesting ! :D  :3

Thank You ! :)

PS : I do not have an account FaceBook !


How many members do you have right now?
What is this 'happiness' others speak of

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