Wheatni Fields (OC)

Started by Wheatni, 2016 Jul 08, 00:30:34

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Name: Wheatni Fields

Race: Earth Pony

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Occupation: Wheat Farmer

Personality: Wheatni is usually quiet, although not shy.  When she is spoken to, she will reply with a big smile on her face.  Usually calm and not seen to often without a small smile on her face.  She sometimes finds herself to be slightly oblivious at times as well...

Talent: Wheatni is able to manage acres of the wheat fields by herself and can possibly supply plenty of wheat for many small towns.  Given this takes a bit of her time, she doesn't have to work every single day.  Of course, like every other Earth Pony, having the ability of great physical prowess.

Appearance: Wheatni is made up of a majority of autumn colors.  Her fur being a tan-ish color with her mane being orange with charcoal highlights.  Her eyes seem to be a darker blue color.  Her physique is a bit stronger and larger than most females, due to her hard work in working solo in the fields, being taller than most females as well.  She has freckle spots on her cheeks,

Bio: Wheatni was born in Filly Delphia, of course living on a larger farm.  This farm, being one of the main suppliers of wheat for ingredients such as flour and even some acres for oats, it was never a boring day in the fields.  Growing up and showing her talent for being able to manage a larger farm herself, she decided to move later in life to be able to settle her own farm to help supply other towns.  Now deep in the fields of Ponyville, where no one really goes out and being somewhat isolated most of the time.  Only ever having contact with others when she visits the town itself, or someone decides to buy wheat directly from her or the visitor that comes to visit once in a blue moon.  Although a bit of a loner, she is still kind and helps those who need it. (Very simple and rough.  More can be found out when speaking to her directly or when I elect to put up more.)

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Please excuse my sloppy work!  Not that great with modeling and digital art editing.

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