Legends of Equestria at BronyCon 2016!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jul 05, 19:54:25

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Hello, everypony!

We're going to BronyCon! If you want to hear the latest news about Legends of Equestria, learn a little about the design process of a MMORPG, or just want to meet some of the people behind the ponies, here's your chance!

The Legends of Equestria panel will be located in the Hall of the Planets at 11:30 am on Sunday, July 10th, 2016. We're really excited about the progress we've wade, and are eager to meet you and answer your questions!

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more Legends of Equestria news, but until then we hope to see you at BronyCon!

Rasy (Flanniest Flan)

Awesome. Sadly I can't attend. Have fun to those who can! :)


I'll be there, toting around my Darcy plush!


One year I might be at Bronycon, but once more I won't be at it. I hope everyone enjoys it though!

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Thunder Spin

I won't join.
Have fun everybody, it sounds awesome!  ^-^


I can't be there, but I hope everyone who does go has a great time!
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Since I live in England I cannot be able to attend, but I wish all those who are able to all the luck possible.  :D

Moon princess

I wish I could come, I've love to meet everypony there  ^-^, I plan to in the future but it will have to wait. For now its just a dream I can work toward ono

Allen Nguyen

You did went to the BronyCon 2016 convention, that's excellent for you! :D I didn't come today, so I'll try next year. :)
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