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Started by Stardust Dragon, 2016 Jun 30, 10:13:25

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Stardust Dragon

So I've been recently working on my newest OC, and it's finally come down to the point where I can make a concrete appearance for her.  I posted over in the OCs section and got some help from user FakeSmile in designing a cutie mark for her.  Now I was looking for someone who's good with an art program/their own confidence in artistic skill to draw up a show-accurate (or relatively close to that) style version of what we came up with, minor tweaks here and there.

FakeSmile's rendition:
Spoiler: show

Tweaks requested: I'd love to see the heart shape a little more stereotypical, and for it to have a lighter color to it.  The heart is supposed to be made out of peridot gemstone, if that helps.  The center diamond-shape is this material, for that color reference.
Spoiler: show

I love the border idea we came up with, but I'm not sure how that particular shade of yellow balances with the rest of the cutie mark.  And a final note, I intended this pony to have a light-green coat of some description, anywhere from vibrant green to a pastel.  I'm sorry that's not great with colors or descriptions, so I hope this helps.

Thanks to anyone who gives this a go, and if FalseSmile wanders across this, I hope you're not offended by me asking for folks to tweak your work.  I love your art, and you were so very helpful with working all this out.  I just want this in a slightly different style than you were kind enough to provide.


I can do cutie mark, i have library full of various cutie marks i recreated for all ponies in the show from when I was first learning about it.

However, i have inquiry, what do you mean when you say stereotypical exactly? Word does not register with me sorry.

Also sorry for resurrection, just trying to find things that fill my skillset.

Stardust Dragon

That's totally fine, and thanks for wanting to have a look.  I really don't have confidence in my own art skills to try this myself (nor do I have anything but Microsoft Paint to mess with...ah well).

When I say stereotypical, I mean something like this:  
Fakesmile's is less rounded in the arches; while the style looks great, the design I had in mind just didn't fit it.  I did like their design for the gem-like facets inside the heart to make it look like a carved piece of peridot though, if that makes sense.


Ah i see, so you mean more or less what we imagine heart to be...Ehhh, the norm I guess?

Also for clarity, you just want it more heart shape with color modification, or would you be interested in perhaps my interpretation?

Stardust Dragon

I was originally looking for an update to FakeSmile's art, namely altering the shape of the heart to the one I posted today.  But if you'd like to take a shot at an interpretation I'd love to see it: all I request is a peridot heart and a rhodonite (the other mineral I posted in the original message) shape (a specific shape isn't that important) to make it a little more interesting.


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Ok so, here is what i have come up with, hopefully is something you might like, maybe? If no then criticise as necessary and i make corrections.

I use this as reference for peridot gem
Spoiler: show

Ok so first one is based off fakesmile version, colour corrected and in heart shape as requested.
Spoiler: show

This one might not fit bill, as is a bit more detailed than the original you posted, but I had fun playing around with it.
Spoiler: show

Not as detailed as previous image, but is a more simpler design. (is basically previous image but little colour variation.)
Spoiler: show

Stardust Dragon

Those are all absolutely wonderful, thank you!  I love the second one: the detail is just what I was hoping for.  Now I can finally start working on the rest of her design!


Aye, that looks stellar! Nice job Viking, and good
luck with the rest of your pony Stardust.

🎈 Good Vibes 🎈

Stardust Dragon

Couldn't have made it without your help Fake.  Thanks to both of you for helping in this important part of character creation!


Happy to help. Perhaps I could maybe offer my skills to other people wanting more refined cutie mark?

I enjoy the challenge, but i am lost as to where I would offer such things.

Stardust Dragon

You could open a new thread in the art section, maybe one above where I posted mine (I take "art requests" to mean people looking for an artist to make their vision physical), but you could just open a "Cutie marks here" thread or something and see what trickles in.  I know I'd have loved to see one of those when I was trying to get this one done.  Can't imagine I'm the only not-artist Brony looking to give their OC a finishing touch: that's why Pony Maker's so popular, right?


Hmm so you think people would want thread for just cutie mark? For what is worth, I do animation and puppet rigging as well, so could potentially expand into doing full pony's, though from what i have seen, is more traditional art or bitmap art on forum than vector based ones even though vector based ones are better, especially for reusability in medium such as animation.

But maybe i give it a shot and start out with cutie mark, and see where that goes.  :3

Thunder Spin

Cutie marks are easy to draw.
I guess I can draw one, either. :\

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