Silence Says A Thousand Words

Started by Loyal Defender, 2016 Jun 24, 11:23:51

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Loyal Defender

(This is just a preview of a story I'll be making. DO NOT REPLY TO IT.)

A bright flash of light. That was all Loyal could remember. He had been sitting outside, relaxing in a lounge chair, with a fresh can of Coke, when there was a soft voice..."Stay with me..." Soon after that, there was a sudden bright flash, and the next thing Loyal knew, he was unconscious. He didn't know why or how it happened, but Loyal knew he would eventually find out.

The sounds of wildlife filled the air. Birds were chirping, insects were buzzing, and the leaves in the trees fought against the wind. Small animals on the ground, such as bunnies, foxes, and raccoons, passed by, paying no mind to the young unconscious biped lying on the ground. But he would be unconscious not a moment sooner. Loyal regained his senses, and the first thing he heard was the sound of the wildlife around him. He struggled to pry his eyes open, but succeeded with great difficulty. He looked in front of him to see a medium sized bunny in front of him. The bunny had cinnamon colored fur, with a few white spots on the back. The bunny stared at Loyal curiously, and cocked its head. It had never seen a creature like this before.

Loyal rolled onto his back, and sat up. The bunny quickly hopped up onto Loyal's lap, and settled down. Loyal gently stroked the bunny's back, which it seemed to enjoy. "You really like me, don't you?" Loyal asked the bunny, to which it responded by looking up at Loyal, and gently smiling. Loyal looked around him, and noticed that he wasn't at home anymore, but in some kind of forest. Loyal knew what this meant. He was probably hundreds of miles away from home. He had a forest behind his home, but he knew this was definitely not the forest he was used to exploring. His forest was much smaller, and had a little creek in the middle.

Loyal slowly moved his legs, to indicate that he was about to get up. The bunny understood, and hopped off his lap. Loyal managed to stand up, yet his legs still felt a little wobbly. Loyal looked all around him again, to see which direction he would go. He looked up, and saw the sun to the left of him. Sunset would arrive soon. Loyal knew he had to find shelter before it got dark. He looked down to see the bunny looking up at him, and jumping up. It wanted a ride. Loyal picked up the bunny, and set it on his shoulder. The bunny, in response, seemed content.

Loyal smiled, and began walking in whatever direction he felt was right. In this case, it was west of the sun, so basically, north. Loyal didn't know what was ahead of him, but he hoped it was something good. At one point, Loyal came across a river with some stepping stones in it. Very carefully, he put one foot in front of the other, making sure he didn't fall off. Before he knew it, Loyal made it to the other side.

"Well! That wasn't so bad." Loyal said to his bunny friend. But before Loyal could continue walking,  he heard a growling sound come from behind him. When he turned around, Loyal found him facing a large alligator. "...Bad just got worse." Loyal commented, and began running as fast as he could, away from the gator, but it quickly caught up to him, and wrapped its tail around Loyal's leg, slamming him into a tree. Thankfully, the bunny hopped off just in time.

The gator slowly approached Loyal, snapping its jaws. " me..." Loyal said, with plenty of fear in his voice. He couldn't fight an alligator! It'd bite his arms off! Loyal closed his eyes, waiting for his demise...but it never came. He opened his eyes to find a black/navy blue colored snake creature tightly squeezing the gator, with its coils over its body and wrapped around its jaws. It positioned the gator so the creature was looking into its eyes. Then...something strange happened.

The snake creature's eyes pulse, and began to glow with several hypnotic colors. The gator stopped squirming, and seemed to calm down. After a few moments, the creature released the gator, and pointed to the river. Without hesitating, the gator waded back towards the river and back into the water. When the coast was clear, the creature looked right at Loyal, and approached him. Afraid the creature would hurt him, Loyal buried his face in his knees in fear. "P-please don't h-hurt m-me!" Loyal said, his voice shaking.

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