My Story Part 3 FireDash

Started by FireDash-YT, 2016 Jun 22, 12:43:30

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My story part 3 me Fluttershy and rainbow dash was just moved to ponyvilleFluttershy did tell me to meet her here. I cant see her. Where is she oh there she is. Hi Fluttershy. Why did you call me. Is there something wrong. no FireDash its just i got something to tell you. About Rainbow Dash What is it Fluttershy?. She she... has a crush on you.... :I What in Equestria!!!!. Is it true... Fluttershy? i think Im gonna ask. Her bye Fluttershy. Just dont say i did tell you ok?. Dont worry Fluttershy. But how did you even find out?. Its just something girls does FireDash Okay Fluttershy. BYE ;3 *FireDash flyes over to rainbow dash* hmm i guess we are old enough to get Girlfriends and boyfriends ha ha its like we was on the fly camp yesterday good memories oh theres Rainbows house and Theres Rainbow *FireDash lands in her garden Rainbow flys over to him and hugs him* Hey Rainbow i have a question for you Yea what is it Fire? a Source did tell me you had a crush on me is that true Dashie? ........yea it is i got a crush on you Dashie i actually have a crush on you too and will ... will you be my special somepony? *Rainbow thinks its a dream*is this for real no joke Fire? is this for real?!? yea i like you Dashie ok if its real yea i wanna be your special somepony FireDash YES!! sorry :D im just so happy *Rainbow and FireDash Hugs* part 4 comes out soon maybe next month hope you enjoyed it and thanks to my editor Loyal Defender Bye

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