TheFriendlyElephant's art

Started by Barry From Mars, 2016 Jun 20, 03:09:56

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Barry From Mars

2016 Jun 20, 03:09:56 Last Edit: 2016 Jun 20, 03:13:20 by Barry From Mars
Thought I'd share some of his art. He mostly draws traditional art and frequently draws African animals in MLP style which haven't shown up in the actual show.

Last image is of his OCs looking at a camera.

- Barry


Oh! Such sweet pencil work there!

Very colorful, bright and detailed!

I like it! :3

Glorified be Chat-O-Landia, where friendship blossoms!

Thunder Spin

Very cute and sweet drawings! Fluttershy is very cute in the first image!!! See another cute fluttershy moment by hasbro
I like sending image's links  :3 lol


i really like the eyes and the smiles on the characters. the coloring is very nice, as well! did you use colored pencils?
- they all go by "SuperKirbylover"

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