My Story part 2

Started by FireDash-YT, 2016 Jun 12, 13:20:08

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my story part 2 i was in rainbow dashes home with fluttershy we trained our flying skills we was pretty good or we thougt fluttershy kept falling down again but she was tired of it she started to cry and flyed away me and rainbow flyed after her but she called on some birds they took me and rainbow home me and rainbow tryed to activate my powers just one time again it took long time but finally it worked my hoof was hot as lava so we breaked some of the wall and we escaped we took over to a nearby street in cloudsdale we both did know she was in the at the animal hospital we kept searching in a hour we finally found her but she was holding something a bunny? (angel bunny) it looked like she liked the little guy we screamed FLUTTERSHY!!! she was scared of the noiseand started to fly she flyed as fast as she could and she hurt her wing on a a window me and rainbow did see fluttershy fall out of cloudsdale me and rainbow looked at each other we flyed as fast as we could rainbow dash speed was so highthat she maked a sonic rainboom and i i did get fire in my mane and tail there was a beam of fire back at me i noticed it was me making it me and rainbow dash did crash into each other we took each others hands and maked a fire rainboom?!? i dont know we both screamed YEAH It Was so fast and it looked like me and rainbows mane did get same color  and fire (we decided to call the trick rainbow Fire) it was weird but we catched fluttershy and did get home just as we landed and we stopped holding hands our mane and tail came normal fluttershy did say sorry like 100 times and me and rainbow did not care we just sayed its okay we was really intersted in our powers we sended a letter to my mom and we did get to a meeting where we decided to let luna train us in that power part 3 comes soon if i get my friend to help again thanks loyal

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This is the second part of my story. I was in the residence of Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy was there, too. We often trained to sharpen our flying skills. It went well, except Fluttershy kept falling when she attempted to sharpen her skill. Eventually, she grew tired of it, and flew off, crying a bit hard. Rainbow and I attempted to chase after her, but Fluttershy called on the help of a flock of birds, who blocked the way between us and Fluttershy. They latched onto us, and brought us back to Rainbow's home.
I tried to use my powers once more to make things a little easier. It took a while, but I eventually pulled it off. My hoof was roiling hot, as hot as lava, so I used that to my advantage, and broke a hole in the wall of Rainbow's home, which we would fix later. We flew over to a nearby street in Cloudsdale. Rainbow and I searched all over for Fluttershy.
After several hours, we finally found her at the animal hospital. She appeared to be holding a small white rabbit. It must have been hers. "Fluttershy! There you are!" I shouted, accidentally forgetting that she was timid around loud sounds, including shouting. She yelped, and flew off in a panic. Unfortunately, she didn't get very far, as she clipped her wing on a window, resulting in Fluttershy falling to the ground way below. Rainbow and I looked at each other, and without hesitating, took off in a flash to save Fluttershy. Rainbow picked up so much speed, that she performed a Sonic Rainboom, and she ended up gaining a lot more speed than usual.

My mane and tail exploded into a blazing flame. I noticed a trail of fire streaming out behind me. Rainbow and I flew closer to each other, and took each other's hooves. As a result, it created a flaming Sonic Rainboom. A Fire Rainboom. It was incredible. I had never experienced something as amazing as this before. Rainbow's and my mane both turned the same majestic color of flames, which we decided to call The Rainbow Flame. It was rather unusual, but we quickly adjusted to it. Soon after, we eventually caught up to Fluttershy. We managed to convince her to return to Rainbow's home. Once we landed on the ground, Rainbow and I let go of each other's hooves, and just like that, our mane and tails reverted to their original colors. Fluttershy apologized several times, which implied she really was sorry. We decided to forgive her, since all that mattered was that Fluttershy was okay. Rainbow seemed interested in my pyrographic abilities, so I explained them to her. Soon after, I decided to send a letter to my mother about what happened. We agreed to set up a meeting to continue our training in pyrography.

Part 3 will come sooner or later, so stay tuned.

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