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Started by Mogeko, 2016 May 31, 02:22:22

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Yumekui Merry is a Highschool placed in Japan, near the mountains. There a 5 Classrooms, A B C D and E,
E is the lowest classroom, Even if you do well in Class E, you'll never Get to A B C D Classrooms

A is the highest classroom.cause, E AS IN ''END'' CLASS


First day of Highschool....We got nothing to worry bout'   SF says, Quickly Dragging his bag to his new Desk

I never thought teaching would be this hard  Darcy Frowns at the Hyped class, Screaming and Running around. AHHH STOP IT Darcy shouts smashing her Hooves on the Desk.

Game jumps into the cake feeling like he is flying, almost touching the sky, and Starts Eating Mach 2 into the cake. Jajan's Jaw Drops to the floor then, it fixes normally into place. :O  O:

NOTE: MACH 2 IS 680.58 m / s

Welcome to the Events! May the winning class have their rightful Badges and medals! Elen was 1 mile away from listening For this event Elen and Peace in Archery!

You can't win against us! Game quickly Sneaks behind SF and bites his leg AHHH OWWWW

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy

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