Lack of activity on the forums?

Started by Dashing Rainbow Dash, 2016 May 21, 15:23:18

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Dashing Rainbow Dash

It sure seems awfully quiet around here. Does anyone even come to the site anymore? >:/


An incomplete game's forums are not usually busy with activity. During the open server weekend's the activity is alot but the forums just go through periods of up and down activity quite often.
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Dashing Rainbow Dash

I guess. I just wished this site was busting with activity.


The forum used to be a lot more active, but that's because time has been going by. I'd be more active, but I've run out of things to talk about lol

But have no fear; the forum will be a lot more active when the game is officially out. I know I'll be here everyday when it does.
I'll come and see your replies, but I'll be deleting my account sometime soon. I just don't want a reason to come back. Funny some random forum was my virtual home away from home, but I feel like if I ever want to grow up, I have to learn to leave behind what I've learned to cherish.

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Also because, well, the fandom has been going up and down lately on activity in itself.


I know for a fact that once the game gets released, I'm going to be on here more often.
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