(For Kingdom Hearts and LoE Fans Only) Organization XIII LoE Member Names

Started by PinkiePieHugs, 2016 May 18, 10:48:18

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I have decided to try and make a list of some LoE friends I know, and turn their names into Organization XIII names. Only Kingdom Hearts fans will understand this list. You can let me know what you think of the list if you like.

LoE Organization Names

Loyal - Yollax

Invultrois - Voilutrix

Chrisgotjar - Ragixchtor

Alastor - Strolaax

Peace - Xepace

Ellowee - Wellexoe

CrabApple - Braxlecapp

Leviathan - Xaventhial

Sugar - Graxus

Lightspeed - Digexsphelt

Bakasan - Nabaxans

Arcen - Xarnec

SandFire - Frixsaned


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