Your favorite video game?

Started by Dashing Rainbow Dash, 2016 May 21, 02:28:34

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Dashing Rainbow Dash

C'mon, I wanna know what game you treasure most!
Mine is


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.  It's extremely deep once you really look into it, especially for something crafted in only 18 months by a small portion of Ocarina of Time's team.

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Used to be any/new Final Fantasy game(s)...

But now it's a tie between Final Fantasy game(s) and Persona game(s).
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Well These are my favorite games by series

Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy XI is my top & all-time favorite
Mario Games - Mario Party and Mario Kart wii are my top played mario games
Legend of Zelda - up until hyrule warriors
Pokemon Games - All of the pokemon games except Pokemon Dash, Trozei, and Conquest
Kirby Games
Dragon Warrior / Quest
Command & Conquer
and Super Smash Bros.

That's all my favorite games by series. I only have 3 favorite games for iOS & android which is My little pony, Plants vs zombies 2, and Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble apps.
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I have a crud-ton of favorite games. Here are a few:

Saints Row 2: Best in the franchise, but I like Saints Row: The Third a lot, too.
Postal 2: Only a few missions involve delivery.
Doom: All of them, even Doom 3.
Shadow Warrior: "You no match for Lo Wang!"
Guitar Hero: For a non-violent, get-off-my-butt time.
Starbound: Space.
Firewing 64: An Nintendo 64-style collect-a-thon inspired by games like Banjo-Kazooie. It's on Gamejolt for free, if you want to play it.

This is only a microscopic list of my favorite games.

Itty Bit

Aw man, I never liked this question cause my favorite is always changing.

Panel de Pon was a game pretty close to me, and I loved that game a ton.
Animal Crossing New Leaf was also pretty awesome too. It helped me during a harder time in my life, and I deeply appreciate it for that.
But if I was to say the game I've played the most, and just have enjoyed for a long time? Probably Smash 4. It's the only game I've ever seriously played competitively, and even after almost 2 years of it's release, I still play it almost every day.

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