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Started by RosettaStill, 2016 Apr 17, 18:07:36

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Hi all!

I'm totally new and i just signed up to mention some really basic things that might not have occured to anyone yet but would no doubt speed things up greatly!

First of all: Has anyone thought of using Kickstarter for this project?
It would bring insane popularity to this idea because the MLP fanbase is HUGE. And if thousands, i mean, millions of people are willed to travel the world, invest lots of money into cosplay gear and other fan items and go to conventions, im SURE they are willed to pledge some bucks into this superduper amazing game!!
You would be able to start a small business, hire the people you need and pay them to finish this game and even in a fancy polished present-day graphic style!

Second suggestion:
Maybe it is nicer and more authentic to the whole idea of the game if characters start ALL as fillies with blank flanks. They then have to quest, and through the storyline get send all around the world, meet people, however each quest allows them to choose their own path, until they gather enough Friend-points or something to get to know what their role is within the game. Then they can visit like an important wise character (could be any of the princesses or the zacora) and then they can enter a sort of "makeover" screen where they can make a UNIQUE cutiemark. Consisting out of three or four different shapes/icons that can be combined together and positioned. I'm sure with enough options its hard to have matching ones ;) (like you can find these sort of menu's usually to design guild tabards in other mmos)

I would love this approach a lot since it is true to the whole point of the series, self discovery, wise lessons each time about how friends can teach you important things about yourself and life. Having different pathways to follow (like those books that have different storylines, when they tell you "if you wanna go to the cave, go to page 23 now") so that your choices have consequences or teach you something, it's really what its all about. And it wouldnt be very honorable to the show if the whole concept of uniqueness being valued by every pony would be completely disregarded by have a set amount of cutiemarks or generalized paths to choose from (as a result having 100ds of people doing the exact same thing).

Glad to find a project like this, i was just asking myself while watching the show how on earth there isnt an mmo of this game yet hehe!!
Hopefully you guys will get the kickstarter page up and running in no time, let us know so we can pledge for it!! :D

Princess Darcy

Welp, firstly howdy and welcome to LoE :D

To answer the first question, we do not and will not accept any donations or start any crowdfunding.  There are a few reasons, legal or otherwise, as to why we won't, but the main and important reason being that we want LoE to be 100% free.  We've had lots of people suggest donations, but there really is no need, to be honest.

Secondly, at game release, the gameplay will be basically exactly that.  You can right now choose a talent mark and jump right into everything because not everything is developed yet.  I'm sure one of the designers can explain better than I, but I believe at game release you will start as a filly/colt, working towards finding your talent mark depending on what skills you work at, etc.  I'm sure there is more to it than that but i'm not an expert in that side of development so I don't want to mislead anyone.  What you see now in gameplay will not be how you start on release, so don't worry ;)

Now, this section is in fact Site Suggestions, where you can make suggestions or report bugs for the site itself.  I suggest if you have any more questions about the game or wish to have discussions about it, head over to the Legends of Equestria Discussion board.  Thanks!


I can confirm that the game, once fully developed, will start you out as a filly/colt where you have to do a series of quests to discover your talent mark. Once your talent mark has been discovered (chosen), you will grow up and continue the rest of the game. The decision as to whether you will be able to remain a filly/colt after you get your cutie mark is undecided presently and we have no plans to allow players to access the majority of mid to late-game content if they choose to remain a blank flank. Choosing to remain a blank flank should be a choice solely for RP purposes because it will very negatively affect your ability to quest, combat enemies, and progress much further in the game. Our most recent livestream and convention panel videos (all can be found on youtube) detail this system a little more in-depth if you want to learn more.

I am now closing this topic since all original questions have been answered between myself and Darcy.

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