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Started by Vapid Pixel, 2016 Apr 17, 09:00:00

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Vapid Pixel

Hey there LoE forums!
During the last Open Server, another player and I spent some time dragon hunting.  She made a picture based on these adventures, and as a thank you I made my own version of her work (with her permission).  Seeing as how these pictures wouldn't have come to be without Legends of Equestria, it seemed fitting to at least make mention of them here.

My picture can be found here:

The original picture by FluxCapacitor100 can be found here:

To the Development Team: thanks for all the effort you've put into Legends of Equestria.  I've thoroughly enjoyed each Open Server I've participated in, and you can bet I'll be stopping by for the next one.  ;)

Princess Darcy

Both of those pictures look really great!

Inspiration can come from literally anything and it's nice to see artists using that to make art :D

Vapid Pixel

Thanks.  I wanted to do more with my version of the picture, but time and skill limitations got in the way haha.

And yeah, it's interesting where people draw inspiration from.  Personally I find music very inspiring, and the games I've played have influence on what I envision as well.  Hopefully as I get better at drawing/using art programs I'll be able to start bringing those visions to life.  ^-^


Nice art! That looks really good :)

Ooh, this is just the post I've been looking for to share an art piece I made after the last (or was it the one before?) OSW! (I hope you don't mind if others share their art, also I had thought of making a post similar to this, but wasn't sure where to do it... apparently, I completely missed the "art" thread x3 lol)
This is a pic I made after my friends and I all hung out in LoE, we had an awesome time ^-^ and I wouldn't have met them without LoE :nod: thanks for an amazing, inspiring, and awesome-way-to-make-friends game! :D

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