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Started by Gamepaw, 2016 Apr 09, 03:33:03

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2016 Apr 09, 03:33:03 Last Edit: 2016 Apr 09, 03:40:00 by Gamepaw
Basically, I keep getting codes from stuff that I don't need.

So, I thought. Why not make a thread about random codes. Someone will always find a use for something. Currently I only have two codes (technically 5) but someone might find a use for them.

If you have random codes, such as those from cereal boxes or left overs from Giveaways or Bundles, just post them. If you are not going to use them someone might.

Kellogg's named spoons: https://spoons.kelloggs.com/uk/spoonSize
Spoiler: Spoon codes • show


You will need £1.50 for the shipping. I am unsure if this is worldwide or not, as far as I know it could be UK only.

Pokemon X/Y/AS/OS: Hoopa code (EU Only): HOOPA2016
This requires you to go onto the Game on your DS and enter the code via Mystery Gift - Enter a code. It will not fill up the entire box but the rest will be filled in automatically. This is only until the 30th of April however.


  • Tell people that you have used a code/a code has exprired

  • Do not post links to websites that require certain things to get the codes, e.g. surveys or forms. Just the codes and where they can be used to get stuff.

  • Following Forum rules/Keep stuff appropriate.



Can I also post programming code?
What is this 'happiness' others speak of

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I don't think this thread is for that kind of code

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