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Started by PinkiePieHugs, 2016 Apr 06, 02:32:09

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Hey, it's me, PinkiePieHugs.

I wanted to know how things are going in chat. Is Alastor and Peace Keeper and the others (excluding Misty Fly) okay? Does anypony really miss me? Did any internet trolls come by?

I'm not so hot myself. Somehow, now my sister wants to play in my room everyday since she got her phone and laptop taken away, and her wanting to play every single day is annoying. I'm also not so hot because due to a little problem with e-mail names, my YouTube account was nearly deleted. Let me just say that not being able to come into chat to calm my nerves really sucks. I hope I can come back BEFORE the end of April, since I'm innocent. And this stress keeps piling on and on and on, and it's not going well...I really miss you guys...

And if anypony locks or deletes this topic, since this is for my friends, you're a big mean-meanie mean pants for blocking my message so they don't know how I'M doing.

Princess Darcy

Well, sorry for being the bad guy....but yes I am locking this.  Topics aimed at only a few people are typically locked, since the PM system is more than sufficient for conversations like this.

Any further topics of this nature will be locked and removed.  Thank you.  Please use the PM system if you wish to talk to certain people.

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