Started by PinkiePieHugs, 2016 Apr 03, 01:36:38

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Look...I know what I did was wrong...I know I never should have been rude to Misty. He was actually quite rude to me first. I wanted to say that it isn't my fault I got banned. And, I will be honest. Some mods, like Perry, didn't understand me. He instead lectured me, which was not necessary. Chris seemed to understand, just told me to talk to Perry. But I wanted to say...I'm sorry. I'm sorry for threatening Misty. I'm sorry for acting impolite on the chat. I'm sorry for not ignoring him. I just wanted to have a good time, and be with my friends. I never wanted it to be like this... :'(

Please...just give me another chance, and I can prove I can reflect on my actions and be more mature.

Princess Darcy

While your apology is appreciated, our rules are there for a reason.  As stated before, any ban appeals are to be taken through the mod lead, hence why you were asked to speak to him.  Making threads about bans is frowned upon.  Please refrain from doing so and use the appropriate channels like everyone else.

Thank you and locking up

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