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Started by Dusky Hues, 2016 Mar 31, 13:13:55

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Dusky Hues

I really didn't know where to ask this on the forum, but I had a feeling that someone would know.

How do you turn bezier handles on or off on a vector point in CS6?

If this is like asking where the holy grail is, I apologize, but I'm neck deep in the middle of a big job and I really don't want to redo this entire logo just to make three changes.  :I

If I can maybe move the file to another program that can do this for me, that's fine too. Anything will help right now! All of your are great artists and many of you create vector art too!


If the file type is an .svg then you should be able to open it with other vectoring programs, like Inkscape. Unfortunately I don't know anything about CS6, but judging my the OP's date, it probably doesn't matter anyways. Oh well, hope this at least helps in some way.

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