"My Little Sweet Heart" visual novel need English voice actor!

Started by Blue Cute Pegasus, 2016 Mar 25, 00:01:31

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Blue Cute Pegasus

2016 Mar 25, 00:01:31 Last Edit: 2016 Mar 30, 02:21:20 by Blue Cute Pegasus

Hey there fellow ponies, we are from My Little Sweet Heart team.
Currently we are lacking for English voice actor, musician and English translator and we need your help to complete the game.

for voice actor, we need:
Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie

If you volunteer to work in the game feel free to PM me.

if you need more info about this game, here is the link to our page: https://www.facebook.com/MyLittleSweetHeartGame/
Im blue cute pegasus :3
I <3 making friends :D

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