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Started by Dusky Hues, 2016 Mar 23, 08:41:19

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Dusky Hues

2016 Mar 23, 08:41:19 Last Edit: 2016 Mar 23, 09:03:20 by Dusky Hues
I've seen a few of these, so I figured I would do the same. Why not?
I named it "Dusky Hues' Cottage" because I image Dusky Hues as having a cottage stuffed with parchment and canvas from wall to wall of artwork, as well as brushes, paint, and other craft supplies stacked precariously around the room- kind of like my own house only 10X worse. Haha.

I've been an artist since I could grip a crayon, and was something of a prodigy as a kid, I guess? I was told that often enough that I have a lot of self confidence issues with my artwork now. I had a pretty bad childhood, and have suffered from PTSD most of my life. When my disabilities (both mental and physical) caught up to me, I had to practically relearn how to create artwork, and when I started into the digital domain, there were many leaps and bounds I had to cover. I feel like my artwork has sort of plateaued the past few years. I've only seen subtle progress in my artistic growth, and every time I suffer a mental set back, I have to build myself back up again. It's pretty rough, but I manage. I try to learn something as often as I can, and maybe one day, with enough hard work, I'll be someone's "go to" artist. It's always been my dream to work on some kind of development team or for a company instead of just doing freelance work. I don't mind freelance work, but it can be a bit dysphoric trying to imagine where my next commission will come from. Like I said, though, I manage. Without my art, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Without further adieu, here's my art!

Spoiler: Ponies • show

Spoiler: Wind Whistler and Fizzy • show

This is an oldie, for sure. I did this when I first heard of FiM, and attempted to emulate the style using my most favorite ponies. This wasn't meant to see the light of day, but why not? I shouldn't be ashamed of old art, or art that's not my best. Done by hand. Background credited to original owner.

Spoiler: Dusky Hues • show

This was my first real attempt at vectoring ponies, about the time of the middle of season two. This was also my first attempt at vectoring those freaking majestic clouds from the show. So slick. I'm proud of this one, for sure.

Spoiler: Dusky Hues' Cutie Mark • show

The mark of a creator. The mark of someone who sees beauty in all things.

Spoiler: Dusky Hues' Flying Free • show

This was going to be an animation, but I never finished it. I just ended up saving the frame that was the most finished and looked the best as a static image that I love using for banners and signatures.

Spoiler: Bastion WIP • show

This will probably never be finished, but I might use the mane and tail for another character. This character was being developed for a friend but relationship ended and they never confirmed if they actually liked the cutie mark layout or not. Still, a pretty neat character. He was supposed to be a unicorn that specialized in very powerful, nearly impenetrable protection magic, but the magic only worked if he was using the magic to protect someone else.

Spoiler: Blitzfyre • show


Spoiler: Ricky • show

Commission. Sorry, I don't remember the pony's name. :C

Spoiler: Anthro/Furry • show

Spoiler: Jinx, Master of Illusion • show

SUPER old traditional art. This was back when I was crazy about using point shading. Yes, every dot was done by hand, with a pigment liner. Can you see all the animals and one flower?

Spoiler: Rotsuoy • show

I love my coffee. Be coffee buddies with me.
Background I made for myself. My Wruwara OC and fursona, Rotsuoy (pronounced rot-SOO-oi, oi like in oil). The Wruwara species is copyright of me.

Spoiler: Rotsuoy, dark dress (animal skull warning) • show

My Wruwara OC. The Wruwara species is copyright of me.

Spoiler: Rotsuoy, green dress • show

My Wruwara OC. The Wruwara species is copyright of me.
The white markings are ash painting.

Spoiler: Gods of Sun and Moon • show

More Wruwara stuff. These are the gods of the sun and moon. The Wruwara species is copyright of me.

Spoiler: Reptilian Alien • show

This was an example I threw together for someone who talked about commissioning digital models from me for an alien documentary on benevolent reptilians- which I'm so totally about. The never commissioned me. Oh well.
I'll move this to a digital modeling category whenever I get around to posting more screenshots of work I've done.

Spoiler: Zepacna • show

My crotchety, old, half drunk, argonian jerk. I've played as an argonian man since I first picked up Morrowind when it came out. I've since replayed Daggerfall and started documenting a saga of sorts of this, fat, old lizard man. I guess he's part dragon or something? Dragonborn? No idea. He's weird.
Argonians copyright Bethesda.

Spoiler: Convel (scar warning) • show

I don't want to post ALL of the furry commissions I've done, that'd be a lot, but I do want to share this one, because I love scars and don't get to do them often.
Character copyright of Convel on Furaffinity.

Spoiler: Pandid • show

Akita and Panda morph/hybrid I did for a contest. I won, shockingly. I really love this guy. I did a mini study on domestic and wild species hybrids of dogs and cats before I did this, and thought the markings as well as the body design would be fitting. It's always good to study your subjects in their natural habitats!

Spoiler: Logos/Graphics • show

Just a few of my faves over the years.

Spoiler: Drakeer Market Logo • show

Drakeer copyright of myself. Was going to be a sign in a mini comic I never finished.

Spoiler: Those who see... • show

...are those who know.

I'm good at being cryptic. If you've played it, you'll get it. ;)

Spoiler: Gully Mutts (animal skull warning) • show

Wolf skull logo for my wasteland costume for Wasteland Weekend and other wasteland/PostApoc cosplay/costume events. I plan to start a tribe for Wasteland Weekend called the Gully Mutts that consists of people from southeast Texas, east Texas, Texarkana, and west Louisiana. None of us have been able to afford to take that trip to WW though. One day, one day...

Spoiler: Wolf Mother • show

Another personal logo, of a more realistic Rotsuoy, my Wruwara OC and fursona. The Wruwara species is copyright of me.

I might upload more. I've done some cool ones I'd love to share, but there are a couple that I never got explicit permission to upload to public galleries. According to my terms of service, I have the right to do so without consent, but I'd like to ask first.

Spoiler: Pokemon • show

POE-KAY-MANZ. I love them.
Pokemon are trademarks of the Pokemon Company and Game Freak.

Spoiler: Red VS Blue • show

This was the title for a Nuzlock comic I was writing with a friend who I no longer have contact with. All of the pokemon and characters where based off of the original artwork and sprites for the Red and Blue Pokemon games.

Spoiler: Red VS Blue Characters • show

These were the characters of the Nuzlock comic I was writing.

Spoiler: Pokefusion Zuslash • show

I never get any of the cool ones. I always get the really freakish ones.

Spoiler:  It's all fun and games until someone uses flamethrower. • show

Personal art because my Pokemon X got stolen from me.

Spoiler: Mega Charizard X colored doodle • show

Can you tell who my favorite starter is?

Spoiler: Ghost Pup Pokemon • show

Fan pokemon Ghost type wolf pup.

Spoiler: Ghost Wolf Pokemon • show

Fan pokemon Ghost and Dark wolf.

Spoiler: Neopets • show

If you folks like Neopets, I'll share more.

Spoiler: Rotsuoy the Lupe • show

Spoiler: Bernal the Blue Bori • show

My Bori from forever ago who hoard plushies. I don't blame him.

Spoiler: Uncatagorized • show

Spoiler: Gemsona OCs • show

Mine and my partner's Gemsonas. I'm the green space rock, Emerald.
The Gems are copyright of the owners of Steven Universe.

Spoiler: Hover Can and Hover Owl • show

This is why when you do something meme related, you should always put your signature or watermark somewhere on it. This image has so many notes on tumblr, and so many upvotes on meme related sites, that I'm really upset that I didn't put my mark somewhere on it. XD

Spoiler: Kiss the Cook • show

Someone on tumblr asked the age old question of, if Azkaban is full of nothing but prisoners and dementors, who cooks the food?
I answered.

Spoiler: Green Heron, AKA Noodle Neck • show

They do this weird thing with their necks. I drew on a photo of a pool noodle.
This is my sense of humor.

Spoiler: Can I draw humans? Yes I can. • show

Commission. Sword Art Online OC copyright of their owner.

Spoiler: Giraffe Tongue Sketch Study (animal skull warning) • show

Giraffes are cool.

Spoiler: Tha'Roon Doodles • show

Tha'Roon trademark of their owners. These were very cool aliens from a very old RTS game called War Wind.

Spoiler: Digimon OC • show

I want to post more of this guy. These are the baby, in-training, and rookie forms of my digimon OC from when digimon first came to the US. Their names are Mellowmon, Gupumon, and Ninomon. Ninomon is my bro. The digimon trademarks of their owners.

Spoiler: Can I draw Taurs? Yes I can. • show

Someone asked if I could one day, so I delivered. I still haven't gotten any taur commissions. :C

Spoiler: Moochik • show

I have a gremlin that lives in my house and messes up all my electronics. One day I'll catch that jerk.

Spoiler: My Favorite Animals (spider warning) • show

The spider and rat are based off of two of my pets. Woof, is a 15yo tarantula that I adore. Nicodemus was a hooded rat I rescued, who passed away two years ago now. His previous keepers fed him such terrible food that he developed tumors in his stomach and intestines. It was only a matter of time before he passed, I was even told that he was lucky to be alive at that time, but I gave him two more years that I doubt either of us will never forget.

Spoiler: Auggie the Plushie Monster (beast) • show

Auggie is agendered. Auggie is just Auggie. One of my plushie monster OCs.

Spoiler: Rowan the Plushie Monster (doll) • show

Rowan is a doll sized plushie monster who is best friends with Auggie. Together they have tea parties in block castles.

Spoiler: Patches • show

I'm only sharing this because I absolutely love it for some reason. It's a seamless background I made out of the patches I used for the color swatches for Rowan and Auggie. They were developed to be part of a book series for children, but I never finished the artwork. Maybe one day...

Sweet Brew

You have a lot of diverse stuff there!
I love it when an artist can do more than just one theme. (IE: Just ponies, humans, or anthro, ect.)
Diversity is the key to...something.

Keep up the good work! ;)

Dusky Hues

Aw, thanks. I'm a graphic design artist and digital illustrator by trade, so I have to have diversity. Otherwise, I'd have no commissions at all!  lol

So I guess diversity is the key to a meal?  :D


I like the picture "Dusky Hues", she's beautiful and cute ! :D

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