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Started by Space Ace, 2016 Mar 09, 18:50:16

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Please note the title is a lie these OCs aren't that great.

Tale Teller
Spoiler: show
Race: Earth pony
Gender: Nah (Agender, they/them pronouns, he/him if you must, but they/them is preferred over that)

Cutiemark + Story: A book with a bow on it. Tale Teller found their love of books at an early age. They loved to be read to, and later on loved reading to themself, and even later than that they loved reading to other ponies. They became an older sibling at age 6, and in an attempt to share their love of stories, would read to their new little sister for her childhood. When they reached age 9, Tale Teller realised that the stories they read to their sister were getting old and boring for her, and their family didn't have much money (to the point where buying new books wasn't an option, money went towards the necessities). So, they wrote their own story. They used time after school, and worked hard until the story was perfect. They finished the story, and read it to their sister on the same day. Upon finishing the story, Tale Teller gained their Cutiemark.
Job: Teller works in Ponyville's (new) library, and writes on the side. They write fiction stories, and poems too.
Personality: They are a friendly, but not exactly outgoing pony. They can enjoy the company of others just as easily as their own. Surprisingly, they are not cool, calm, and collected. They are smiley, happy go lucky, and expressive. Except for when it comes to sharing negative opinions or feelings. Tale Teller may be open about themself most of the time, but they dislike conflict and will it avoid it, even if it means bottling up their feelings. This can lead to some passive aggressive comments now and then, or being irrational and brash.
Extra: Tale Teller goes by Talli (pronounced just like tally), except for on books or in professional situations.

Sterling Sky[WIP]
Spoiler: show
Race: Pegasus pony
Gender: Male
Cutiemark + story: A shield with a small, silver sun in the center?
Job: A member of the royal guard.
Personality: On the outside, Sky seems cold, unfriendly, tough, and a little intimidating. He tends to appear this way due to his lack of social skills (he keeps to himself, and is very quiet out and about). Though this is also largely due to his size. But really, he's a big sappy dork. He's a real softy at heart, incredibly gentle, kind, understanding, open minded, and patient. The big guy big heart thing is very cliche, but I'm trash for this cliche so I'm going with it.
Though he's very patient, Sky is not a pleasant pony when he's in an off mood. He'd louder, grumpier, and scarier, and he's not easy to calm down. He usually storms off and sulks isolates himself and gets pretty angry if anyone annoys him, but will calm down on his own eventually. So it's not easy to get him angry, but when you do it's best to leave him be.
Extra: Will go by 'Sky' in any situation other than work.
A major WIP, any thoughts on him are appreciated :)

Spoiler: show
Race: Reindeer
Gender: Female
Talent/History: Alchemy/Mistletoe was born and raised in the MLP universe's equivalent of Russia. Her parents weren't around much during her childhood, but she grew up with some great friends. During her earlier school years, Mistletoe met a unicorn who had migrated from Caneighda (sorry). Enchanted by the magical talents, Mistletoe tried to perform spells as the unicorn colt did. But she failed to cast magic*, due to how weak her magic was compared to a unicorn's. Ever optimistic, Mistletoe searched for a way to replicate the effects of magic. In her search, she came across alchemy. Mistletoe became fascinated with the idea, and began practicing it in her free time.
A year into her studies of alchemy, her mother fell ill. Mistletoe turned to her hobby for help, and created a medicine tthat overtime cured her mother. Had she been a pony, this would have been the moment she gained her cutiemark.
Job: Runs a potion shop in Canterlot.
Personality: Optimistic, caring, friendly, hard-working, focused, stubborn, thin skinned (takes critiscm badly), and occasionally jealous.
Extra: Mistletoe has a Russian accent, being from Equestria's Russia and all.
Her parents are called Winter Berry (mother) and Frost Bite (father).

*Headcanon territory: Some reindeer grow horns (I'm aware reindeer do not have their horns all year round, but honestly this world has unicorns and pegasi, I don't think reindeer not losing their horns when they do in our world is the wildest thing) while others don't. Horned reindeer can use (very limited) magic, such as simple levitation, not much more. Reindeer with no or very small horns can fly, but cannot use magic, just as horned reindeer cannot fly.
That's it for now. Any new OCs will be added whenever. Woo.

Bramble Berry-[Very, very much a WIP]
Spoiler: show
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Appearance: Chocolate brown coat, darker brown, frizzy/tightly curled mane and tail, dark purple eyes. Average height, a little stockier than your average mare, freckles a brown between her mane and coat.
Cutie Mark: [WIP]Something to do with using wild berries to make things, like food and drink.
Job: Works in a bakery, for now.
Personality: Bramble is a grumpy pony. She is pessimistic, antisocial, and direct. She doesn't try to be rude, but she doesn't sugarcoat anything. She's quiet, and avoids social situations as best she can. But sometimes, when no one else is around, she can sort of be maybe a bit nice, reluctantly. She's got a soft spot for kids, and she can tolerate them better than most adults. She's impatient with adults and teenagers. With Fillies and Colts, Bramble is very patient and gentle. She's not playful, and will even avoid playing with foals (but may do so, if they're polite enough and/or annoy her for long enough).
Extra: The Berry part of her name might stay, it might not.

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