Favourite quotes?

Started by Princess Darcy, 2016 Mar 09, 00:44:46

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Princess Darcy

This maaaay or may not have anything to do with me coding a bot that generates quotes at random :P

Regardless, It's also a fun topic so it's a win-win.  It's simple.  Post your favourite quotes!  (If I like it i'll add it to my bot :P)

My go-to quote: Normality is Overrated.  ~Darcy Sinclair



"A book is the gateway to anywhere." -- Yuugata Hoshi
"The moon is sometimes closest." -- jasteri
"Let the past sculpt your future." -- Jasmine
"Find your passion." -- AnthroYuu

Sweet Brew

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"Be the best friend you want to have." ~Sweet Brew
Yeah, kinda narcissistic to say your own quote, but a lot of people have seemed to like it. lol

"Be the change you wish to see in this world" ~Gandhi
A classic, and true. If you don't practice what you stand up for then you're just a derp spouting sparkly words. :]

"It's not about pushing yourself, but about pushing yourself in the right direction" ~Spitfire

"Your beauty will not shine until you're in the light" ~Fritzy Beat in Oxygen

"The world will keep on turning without matter where you land, you might as well be running when your feet should hit the sand" ~Sinking ships (FritzyBeat's and uThunder's cover at least, dunno if it was in the original song)
Sinking ships is kinda a funny silly song, but has a lot of truth to it. lol

I'd put in a lot more, but I need more quotes to represent my values and such. lol


"Hard work pays off, and dreams come true. Bad times don't last, but bad guys do." - "The Bad Guy", "Razor Ramon", Scott Hall.
Hail to the Knights Of The Dawn.

That one friend you used to be close to, but now only see once every few months.


'Perhaps the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he never existed' - T.U.S

'Respect Ma Athoratah!' - Eric Cartman

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