Level & model build assets info questions.

Started by inum76, 2016 Feb 23, 22:01:21

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I have Unity 5 Pro, LightWave 11.6, Blender 2.7b, 3D Coat V4, Sculptris Alpha 6, ZBrush 4R7. Gimp Shop 2.8, Paint Shop Pro 5, And a few other tools.
I am just a student in 3D art and gaming, and I have the tools, but not a very fast PC for it.
I do have some base knowledge on all of these tools I have, and have made them work together.

I have three main questions.
1: What model format do you work with. I assume you work with fbx, seeing that is native to Unity, and animation supported with it. I think Unity will open and auto convert Blender files, but I have yet to try that. obj files work but no animation, support. I have not looked into it yet, but an obj file might be smaller than an fbx of the same model. I will be looking into that. could make large levels, more compact if made using obj instead of fbx. Not sure yet.  :s

2: Is there a server where some of the model builds can be downloaded for model size testing and such?  I assume the ponies are about the general 1m block size, or can move within that space.

3: Can one gain any of the Unity model assets being created on any of the full levels currently in development, that one can port into their own Unity for some messing around and other testing?

Could be neat to just have a chance to see what extent each of the models in the levels and even the ponies themselves (though not fully required by me to have, just the size), are made, as in mesh density, texture size, and any other info regarding level build info one can get to play with. Not asking for source code, of AI, or sever info. None of that, just the models themselves. Would be neat to know also if you are using C# or Java. Java is more universal, and meany use it. I only use C# though. 

Also are you using Unity 4, or did this project get updated to 5? Unity 5 has near no restrictions on tools that the Pro version has, not like 4 did. This means you get to use light probes, Shadows, light baking, refection probes, and many tools that just was not in 4 at all. And all for Free, so long as you are not making money with it.
Could be worth looking into. If you are still with 4, sadly I am using 5, and anything I make with it may not work with 4. Sorry...

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