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Started by Crescent Sun, 2016 Feb 14, 20:21:51

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Icy Shield

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S6 finalle thoughts...  :l

Spoiler: show
I hate it... This finalle made me think to quit watching this show >:/

I have quite a lot problem with it. Some of them is my "bias" view, but other is legit. So...
An entire season finale that completly focused on Starlight Glimmer? Well good for her, but I dislike that character and completly stole the spotlight of all main 6 in the episode makes me angry. Writters forced Starlight to became part of the main 6 so easily with out proper development and earnandship. She haven't even got punished for puting entire Equestria timeline in danger. The spot in the main 6 for my oppinion should be earned and not forced by simple reformation. Even Discord after his long reformation is only side/supportive character to the main 6 and he had a lot more better and well deserved reformation than Starlight's

Next thing: all alicorn princesses got all captured. How did challengings did that? And omg writters once again show how useless Princeses luna and Celestia. And Celestia got defeated second time by Chrysalis. How dissapointing...  :facehoof:

What's the point of all mighty Discord in the story if he almost did nothing?

Another thing that I also didn't liked is how out of nowhere changling transformation to ...whatever they became happend. This feels so odd  and cheesy resolution of story plot.

EDIT: There was some good things in the finalle, but right now I'm just too upset to talk about positives...Sorry  :c

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My thoughts on the finale:

Spoiler: show
I liked it. No, really. I think I'm not as mad as some people at the big changes that happened. I, for one, can see how the Changelings might have captured the princesses. Anyway, the shift in focus isn't really a bother to me anymore. But that mostly has to do with how I now view the show itself. Personally, if the writers are forming a new main cast of characters, with the Main 6 having already achieved their destinies... I'm fine with that, to be honest.

The show has become (for me) a long well-developed, animated fanfiction. It has long departed from what I consider to be canon. (Mostly after the Flurry Heart episode). I'm not mad. My head-canon is enough for me anyway. And I can make up my own stories just fine.

In the meantime, I can watch a rather good animated show about ponies. Overall, a win-win.
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