The Useless powers thread!

Started by FruffyWuffy, 2016 Feb 04, 02:01:46

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Try and make a useless superpower.

e.g being able to learn anything at will... but someone has to teach it to you first.

Night Pony

Time travel only forwards in time one second at a time.

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Night Shine and Moon Violet

Midnight Breeze

Invisibility but only when alone.


The ability to control technology around you only when no tech of any kind is present.


being able to fly... but only when on an airplane.

Crescent Sun

The power to create everything.. while sleeping.


the power to keep dancing..when there is no music

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy


the power to sing any song in the world... but only when you have laryngitis (<<hoarse xD)


The power to make it happen when its Already happened 

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy


The power to read thoughts when you already know what a person is thinking.


The ability to see five seconds into the future, but with a five second delay on reactions.


The power to create fire! At least as long as your holding flint and steel.
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Nightshade Star

The power to teleport only a inch forward.


The ability to make meetings stretch on longer.
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I was actually thought of this a couple weeks ago on a really hot day and I was soaked in sweat.

Useless power; sweating  (Captain flash flood)


the power to breath underwater but the deepest water around you is only two feet deep
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The power to have your hands constantly slippery... because they're perpetually sweaty.  As a hidden, bonus, you also have the ability to disgust anyone you meet... by touching them with your hands.

(I actually know someone like this.  He's not a bad person, but it's still kind of gross.)

Super sayian pony

The power of making emojis when they have already been made



The power to sing terribly

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy


The power to put any image in your head on paper. As long as your holding a photo of it
Me, my friend, and our siblings

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