Scratch Melody - Road to Serenity (Track inspired by Eternity)

Started by OrionX99, 2016 Jan 31, 10:08:49

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Greetings to everyone!
I just want to show some work that I did some time ago, but it was just uploaded to YouTube nothing ago.
It's a try of Happy Hardcore inspired by Eternity (Cartermore) done by Hirosashii, such a great song.
It's not really a remix, but if you pay attention you'll notice some Eternity notes here.
Anyways, with no more to say, here's the track!

Hope you like it!  ^-^

PS: I know 'Serenity' is another track from LoE, but if you think about it, you have to take a travel to Cantermore (Eternity) to then travel to Cloudopolis (Serenity). Its like 'Road to Cloudsdale', where traveling to Canterlot is necessary.
A bad excuse?, yes it is.
OrionX99 - Scratch Melody

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