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Started by cloudyraindrops90, 2016 Jan 27, 16:17:22

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Misty Fly

*Marble grabs the phone and throws it angrily at the wall*
Marble : wrong house?? Wrong house?? how could i mess up so badly?


Sparkle sighed.  Pretty much fed up with all of this at this point, she simply goes back inside, and closes the door behind her.  She went back upstairs, and collapsed on the couch, deciding to take a nap.

Misty Fly

Marble : i am sorry whoever you are... *she looks at the watch* oh golly i,m late for work!


((Is Shadow asleep in marbles house right now))
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Game watched the entire conversation from his spot on the floor and saw as the pony went to sleep on the couch, the wolf wanted up on the couch.

However, thanks to his generous size he failed, unable to lift his body fully up onto the couch and instead laid down the floor with the cereal.


Quote from: BlazingSun9001 on 2016 Jan 29, 15:01:06
((I can join, right?))

Name: Blazing Sun
Gender and race: Mare Unicorn
Personality: She's sort of friendly, and while it sometimes looks like she's not paying attention, she cares for everypony.
Age: 17 Years
Talents: Most to least important to her: Combat, Energy control and adaptation, Her 'solar panel' ability, video games. (Might add a fifth, but not sure.)
Appearance: Pure white coat with yellow eyes, and a white and yellow mane and tail that is shaped a little like the sun. Cutie Mark is an object from a game she loved but never got to play. The object is the Light Medallion, and the game (Since her ORIGINAL self had 3 different forms, one of them belonging to Earth) is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Likes: Most things fighting-based, video games (Except poorly made ones), the sun.
Dislikes: Evil, being too weak, the dark (She's not afraid of it, she just doesn't like it's relation to evil).

((Of course :) ))
{The door is open, I am back again}


((I have nothing better to do, so why not? Hopefully it's alright for me to join.))

Name: Raven Star
Gender: Male
Age: 15(Equestrian Universe could make that be considered 18 if the need arises for the age to be over the human "child" barrier)
Race: Batpony-Unicorn Hybrid
Picture: Profile picture has a picture of him
Personality: Vocal about opinions, introverted in nature but extroverted in his exterior, very shy and nervous when it comes to romantic endeavors.
*Also known to, at times, turn very dark, possibly sinister, given certain circumstances.
Quirks: A lisp with the 'S' sound, a tendency to compliment and be a gentlestallion to all mares he comes across.
Talent and Talent Mark: A four-pointed star in front of a fully eclipsed mood, symbolizing his passion to help others find a light in darkness that consumes their heart and soul, and help them find the way back to the light in life.
Fears: Rejection and the prospect of being alone, isolated, in the same consuming darkness of which he tries to guide others out of.

*Any other information could be found out later on.

Misty Fly

//can i introduce my other OC by the way?
*Marble arrives at the bakery*
Confused Speed : where have you been? your late
Marble : sorry i was visiting Miracle turned out i got the wrong house
CS : whatever just lets get to work we cant start without our main baker


(( It is a jump in RP, so its fine for you to join , JcF cc: ))

Fake Smile was in her office working on the details for an event and writing letters. She kept glancing over at the clock to check the time to make sure she wasn't behind on her schedule. After finishing the five letters that needed to be written, the mare placed then in her work backpack. While she put on her backpack, she levitated a pair of keys out from her drawer. As she made her way toward the door she hollered,
[Color=yellowgreen]Fake Smile: I'll be right back Cloudy, I have a few letters that need to be mailed! Your house key is on the counter! If you leave, please remember to lock up![/color]
The gal tossed the key on the counter and exited her apartment.

The star eye gal made her way through the city of Canterlot. It seemed a bit busier than usual, but she didn't mind a crowd. Today would be a good day for some street preforming, but she had a lot on her plate today. She did hope she could preform later though. While she was making her way through the streets, the mare levitated the letters out of her backpack. One letter flew with the wind, and the mare was left with four. She didn't notice a letter missing though and continued her way toward the post office.
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Raven was trotting along the streets of Canterlot, admiring the scenery once more. He always admired the architectural design of the city, it never getting old to him. He took his gaze off of the beauty of the city to focus on what's ahead, and he noticed a mare trotting towards the post office. That alone wouldn't interest him, except he noticed a letter flying away from her.

Noticing she wasn't going after it, Raven quickly gallops in the direction of the letter, grasping it with his magic, getting roughly bumped into by a passerby not paying attention.

"Get out of my way," Said pony spat to him, before continuing on his way.

"Oh I'm so sorry for getting in 'your' way," Raven spats back, before getting up, brushing himself off, and heading towards the mare.

When he catches up to her, he taps her to get her attention. "Excuse me madame, but it appears you lost a letter," He states, levitating it towards her.

Misty Fly

*Marble starts beating the dough*
Marble : it sure aint the same without Miracle...
Name: Deep Sense
race:  Unicorn
Age : 30
Personality : Greedy (sometimes but not always) elegant loyaly trustable and kind...(only to those she thinks that deserve kindness)
Photo - http://s28.postimg.org/vdvy1w0ot/Deep_Sense_vector.png
*Deep Sense Exits the train*
DS : great i just got here and its already raining can this get any worse?


Fake Smile was lost in her thought as she slowly made her way through town. She was making sure each letter did have the right address and reassuring herself the right letters were address to the right pony. She was so wrapped in her letters, that the sudden rap startled. She let out a surprised gasp and her magic sent the letters flying around her. Worried that she would lose them, she quickly started to catch the falling letters. She didn't catch what the stallion was said, so she continued to catch her letters. After the last letter was caught, she turned toward the stallion. At first she didn't really think much of the letter he was levitating, but then she noticed her sloppy hand writing. Her eyes widen in shock that she lost a letter. She quickly used her magic to levitate the letter closer to her. A sigh of relief fell from her smile as she saw it wasn't too important. She was still glad that someone returned the later to her. With a warm smile she chimed,
[Color=yellowgreen]Fake Smile: Oh wow, that would have been embarrassin' to go to the office one letter short! Ha Ha Ha! Thanks for returnin' it. It probably better off lost, but that wouldn't be too professional of me! [/color]
The mare let out a laugh as she placed the five letters back into her backpack. As much as she didn't want to write that letter, it was a letter that needed to be sent out. She might not be professional but she knew better than not to reply to a rich pony.
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"No problem, always a pleasure to help a kind mare in need. Not a lot of residents in this city that would do like I did though, I'd advise being a bit more careful," He replies, smiling and chuckling.

"My name is Raven, last name Star, what is your name, my fair mare?" He inquires.

Misty Fly

Deep Sense : now where is that place? *she bumps into Fake Smile*
Marble : really? no customers today?


Fake Smile rolled her eyes as she chuckled at what the stallion said;  he sounded more like her father than a stranger. The mare smiled as the stallion was introducing himself but quickly laughed a bit louder than she should have. She never imagine the day she would be called a "fair mare", since that's the last thing she would consider herself was fair. But she decided to hush her laughter and be kind to the stallion who just saved her letter.
[Color=yellowgreen]Fake Smile: My name is Fake Smile, but just call me Smile! [/color]
The mare flashed the stallion a smile; a usual thing she does when she tells new ponies her name in hopes that they ignore the Fake part of it. Smile was going to ask the stallion a question, till a stranger bumped into her. She looked a bit annoyed by it; the streets are crowded today but its not that hard to watch where you're going. The mare decided not to act on it, since it was probably an accident. With a dry chuckle she said,
[Color=yellowgreen]Fake Smile: Geez, this place is packed today. Can't believe I have to wait in a tiny post office instead of workin'! Ha Ha Ha![/color]
The mare laughed a bit at herself. She wasn't sure why she was making small talk with a stranger, but the post office doesnt close for another two hours so she had time to kill.
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Misty Fly

Deep Sense : *she looks at Fake Smile* do you know where Fancypants lives?


"A lovely name," He replies, before noticing the stranger bumping into her, swallowing a spiteful remark as the mare responded herself to the rudeness.

He decides to remain silent after the newcomers inquiry, as he knew not the answer.

Misty Fly

Deep Sense : since your not going to help me i.ll have to find the place myself *she heads into the city*


Shadow wakes up in Marbles house finding that Marble has already left but her assistant was still their.
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Misty Fly

//balaclava is still asleep you can wake him up though

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