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Welcome to Canterlot! This high class society is a place for anypony to raise the prestige ladder. From the expensive Restaurants to the gorgeous Art Galleries, Canterlot is full of life and excitement! The weather is nice and the town is full of friendly faces. Why not take a look around town and see what this place has to offer?

Basically a Life In Canterlot RP. All the basic RP rules apply, but most importantly have fun! :D

-also, please no Marysue alicorns please.


Cloudy raindrops
Age: 20
Personality: a quiet mare who is very accepting and kind. She tries her best to fit everyone's opinions, and always wonders what everyone thinks of her. She loves to draw and paint, yet she puts her hobbies aside for others. She is very selfless, but she will easily back out from a fight. She tries not to depend on others, yet she hates being alone. She cries when sad, or mad.

Visual description: a short mare with a white coat, who is always wearing a paintbrush necklace. She has a season 1 Luna like mane-cut. Her mane is pastel blue with black and rainbow streaks in it.

Fears: Being alone, porcelain dolls.
{The door is open, I am back again}


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this looks like fun! :) here's my application/OC info:

-Name: Sparkle Chord

-Nickname(s): Sparkle, Miss Sparkle, Sparky, Sparks, SC.

-Age: around 14-17 ish.

-Birthday: March 22nd

-Gender: Mare

-Species: Crystal Unicorn(she lacks the crystal appearance due to the time spell colliding with one of Sombra's dark spells)

-Residence: Manehattan(formerly the Crystal Empire)

-Allegiance: Solar Empire(formerly Princess Amore)

-Mother: Melody Song(Unicorn, birth mother) Lavender Dusk(Pegasus, adopted mother)

-Father: Ruby Dust(Crystal Pony, birth father) Nebula Jazz(Unicorn, adopted father)

-Siblings: Cloudy Day(older stepbrother)

-Bio: Sparkle was born in the crystal empire 1000 years ago, a couple months before Sombra took over.  Once Sombra had taken over the empire, he tried to take her away from her parents, since he wanted her magic.  In order to protect her, her parents used a time spell to send her 987 years into the future, where she would grow up in Manehattan. 

Sparkle spent most of her life in Manehattan, growing up in a small apartment in the Manehattan apartment complex.  She attended the Manehattan Academy for the Arts, where she studied music and singing.  She earned her cutie mark when she performed a song she wrote herself at her friend's cutie mark celebration.  The song had mesmerized everyone, and her voice seemed to be supernaturally good.

Because the school she attended didn't offer magic classes, Sparkle didn't learn how to use her magic until she was 9.  Until this point, most of the other ponies at school mocked her for her lack of ability to use magic, and called her "defective."  Because of the teasing, Sparkle decided to try and learn magic on her own.  She spent 2 years learning and perfecting her magic, and the first spell she ever used was a voice alteration spell, when she had temporarily made her voice sound like Morgan Freeman's by accident.

After learning a decent amount of magic, Sparkle decided to take some time off to socialize more and go around performing at Open Mic events at Cafés.  At one of these Open Mic events, Sparkle met a radio show host and musician from Manehattan Records, named Rhythm n' Blues.  Rhythm thought that Sparkle had talent, so he offered her an apprenticeship at the studio, to which she happily accepted.  When she wasn't studying with Rhythm n' Blues, Sparkle would use his studio to record her own radio show, where she would review media and sing songs. 

-Attitude: Sparkle is an extremely optimistic, caring and trusting pony. She's she kind of mare who always cuts her Sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches in the shape of a heart, and breaks into song at any given moment.  She always tries to see the bright side of every situation, and is almost never in a bad mood. And when she is, it's never for long, and she's typically back to her normal, sunny self in no time!  She is also very trusting of others, and prefers to travel in a group rather than go it alone.

Sparkle cares deeply for her friends, and is concerned for their well being constantly, so if any of them are put in danger, she begins to panic, stressing out until the danger is resolved.

Although initially she seems like she's clueless and a bit ditzy, Sparkle is secretly very clever.  She is also capable of coming up with creative ideas for her unicorn magic, and will often invent variations of spells for whatever she needs in the current situation.  However, she doesn't feel that she is clever, and probably won't believe you if you tell her she's a genius.

Sparkle often uses her natural charisma and adorableness to wiggle her way through sticky situations, and is usually able to get what she wants through use of her signature pouty face. 

Sparkle is an expert at coming up with crazy plans that defy all logic, but she usually acts a bit hastily, and her plans usually backfire.  Sparkle is also very ambitious, and if she sees an opportunity that may benefit her, she'll chase after endlessly until she is able to get it.

Sparkle is a bit of a hopeless romantic, and loves to imagine fairytale romances, even though she never imagined one for herself. Sparkle is also extremely oblivious, and often does not notice when somepony is being sarcastic, or is interested in her.  However, if Sparkle falls for somepony, and is teased about it, she will become very flustered, and begin stammering uncontrollably, unable to finish a single sentence.

Sparkle is also a huge dork, and is obsessed with adventure stories and mystery novels.  She loves to write fanfiction of her own, and also enjoys things like roleplaying.

Due to her magic training, Sparkle spent many of her years in isolation, and has become relatively awkward around ponies, and sometimes has trouble talking to them. 

-Likes: Music, Adventures, Talking to her friends, Traveling, Anything Sparkly (especially crystals.)

-Favorite Food: Strawberries (favorite fruit), Strawberry Tarts, Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes(favorite non-desert food.)

-Least Favorite Food: Potato Chips, Hayburgers.

-Favorite Song: It Started With Your Smile, by Mandopony.

-Favorite Musical Artist: DBPony

-Favorite Color: Crystal Blue.

-Least Favorite Color: Olive Green

-Favorite Book(s): Daring Do and the Forbidden City of the Clouds.

-Favorite Book Series: Daring Do Series.

-Favorite Flower: Rose (light pink)

-Favorite Movie Genre: Romantic Comedy

-Favorite Music Genre: Light Rock, Cheesy Love Songs.

-Dislikes: Being teased, Feeling left out, getting up early, being late, seeing others in pain, seeing others sad, Potato Chips (and essentially all other chips related to them)

-Fears/Phobias: being alone, failing to succeed in a task, letting other ponies down, doing harm to others, mild fear of trains (but not subways)

-Flaws: Sparkle is the kind of pony who leaps before she looks, and falls hard afterword.  Due to her rather spontaneous nature, she'll often end up dangling off the edge of a cliff because she was chasing a villain.  Although her intentions are good, she will often end up in quite a heap of trouble when she's trying to help.

Sparkle is rather sensitive, and is easily hurt, often taking teasing literally, only realizing after that the teaser was just joking.  Due to her rather sensitive nature, Sparkle is rather quick to cry and express her feelings, especially if a friend is hurt, and sometimes this leads to awkward situations.

She also has somewhat of a temper, which she tries her hardest to control, but if somepony makes her mad enough, then she will basically explode at them. 

Sparkle also has a habit of misreading situations, and will sometimes say the wrong thing, leading to more awkward circumstances.  She also has terrible timing, and often speaks up or acts too early or late, leading to even MORE awkward situations. 

Since she spent 2 years in isolation while practicing her magic, and is only spending time with other ponies as of recent, Sparkle is still adjusting to socializing, and is sometimes very awkward when talking to ponies.

Sparkle is a fan of practicing magic, but when she is learning a new spell, it more often than not backfires, leading to catastrophic events, temporary memory loss, and sometimes genetic alterations, which can be reversed.

Although she appears upbeat and positive most of the time, Sparkle is secretly very lonely at times, and due to being teased so much when she was little, doesn't think very highly of herself.  However, spending time with other ponies seems to lift her spirits quite easily. 

Since Sparkle has never been outside of Manehattan before, she lacks a sense of danger or fear, and if she encounters something new and exciting(even if its potentially dangerous) she will often charge for it head-on.  To some ponies, this may seem like fearlessness, but in reality, its really just recklessness. 

Since Sparkle has a weaker magic aura, and didn't learn to use her magic until later in life(and was teased because of it) she is very insecure at times when it comes to her magic.  She occasionally lacks confidence in her magical abilities(which, although are not phenomenal, are better than she thinks.) and will sometimes belittle herself, telling herself that she is weak, or is too inexperienced to perform a certain spell.

She is also very sensitive to negative comments about her magical abilities, since she was teased about it so much as a filly, if anypony says anything negative about her magic, she will become very depressed, but she wont say anything, as she doesn't want ponies to know that this gets to her.  And on the other end of the comment spectrum, if Sparkle receives a compliment about her magic, she wont likely believe it, although she will be flattered, she'll probably say something like, "Oh, I'm not that good at magic, I've still got a lot to learn..."

Sparkle also has a horrible sense of direction, and can get extremely lost very quickly if she strays from her route at all.  Literally just getting distracted by one object can completely turn her around.  Due to this, she always carries a map with her, in hopes of not getting lost.  Unfortunately though, this doesn't help much.

-Quirks/Trivia: She loves to roleplay.  When she is extremely happy or excited, she will start to sparkle.  She is a terrible cook.  She is somewhat skilled at ice skating.

-Hobbies: Singing, Practicing her magic, Reading, Ice Skating.

-Occupation: Apprentice of Rhythm n' Blues at Manehattan Records.

Sparkle is slightly taller than an average mare (assuming the average height of a female pony is 4 feet, Sparkle would be 4"2.) She has a medium length, curly sapphire blue mane and tail which have platinum highlights.  Her coat is a pale diamond blue, and she has large, yellow eyes that Sparkle.

image: http://fav.me/d9c0bhf

-Cutie Mark: a sparkling chord with 3 colored notes.  Representing her talent for music, and ability to create 3-part harmonies with only one voice using her magic.

-Abilities/Talents: she has Perfect Pitch, and also has super hearing, and can hear things other pony's cant normally hear, and also things that are far away, unfortunately, this means her hearing is rather sensitive, and simple sounds like squeaks bug her immensely.

-Spells: Teleportation: every unicorn has a spell that he or she does best, and Sparkle's is teleportation.  Sparkle's teleportation magic has a much wider range than most unicorns, allowing her to teleport across massive distances, and potentially halfway across Equestria(she did this on accident once, and she had a hard time teleporting back.)  Sparkle can also teleport multiple ponies at once, although this does cause strain on her.

Levitation: Sparkle can perform levitation spells as well.  She uses them for a wide range of things, such as speed-potion making, grabbing random objects, moving random objects, rescuing ponies(only if the situation calls for it) and sometimes she just levitates herself for fun.  Sparkle cant lift heavy objects with this spell though, since her magic aura is somewhat unstable.(heavy objects meaning objects exceeding 300 pounds.  Or a couch, she cant lift a couch.  Or large boulders, or... well, you get the point.)

Hammerspace Spell: this is a spell sparkle invented herself, it allows her to store or remove objects from an alternate dimension she calls 'hammerspace.'  But to other ponies it just looks like she's pulling stuff out of thin air and making it disappear again.

Tracking Spell: Sparkle can use her magic to track lost or missing items by emitting a signal from her horn to pick up on their energy.  This spell does not work on ponies.

Illumination Spell: Sparkle can perform basic illumination spells, for when she is in a dark area, or if the power goes out.  So her horn can basically be used as a flashlight.(she likes to call this spell; The Flashlight Spell.)

Healing Spell: Sparkle has access to basic healing magic, but since healing magic is a highly difficult spell(and her magic aura is considered to be on the weaker end of the spectrum) Sparkle cant exactly perform this spell correctly.  Instead of just healing ponies, it actually drains some of her own life energy as well when she uses it, and she basically 'takes the injury onto herself.' For example, if a pony had a cut on their left hoof, and Sparkle were to use the spell to heal it, the cut would be healed, but it would be on her left hoof instead.  In addition, Sparkle cant use the spell to cure illnesses, only physical injuries.  She cant use it to revive ponies, and because of the damage it does to her, she cant do massive or large physical injuries, only smaller ones like cuts or scratches.  She also cannot use it to heal herself, due to the paradoxical way the spell is set up(every time she uses it she takes the injury onto herself, thus using the spell on herself would do nothing.) the spell also gives her a massive headache when she uses it, since it is so difficult, so Sparkle has learned to not use this spell often.

Decibel Adjustment Spell: Sparkle can use her magic to alter the volume levels of sound waves.

Voice Alteration Spell: Can be used to alter the pitch, sound, speed, and inflections of a pony's voice.  This was the first spell that Sparkle used.

Voice Replication Spell: an alternate version of the Voice Alteration spell.  This spell can be used to adjust the users voice to sound identical to anypony's voice.  The user can only copy voices they have heard though.

Pitch Pipe: Sparkle can use her magic in combination with her perfect pitch to act as a sort of pitch pipe.  She can recreate any note with her magic by altering the sound vibrations in the air to the correct pitch.

Crystal Making Spell: Due to her being part Crystal Pony, Sparkle has the ability to make crystals with her magic.  She doesn't know she can use this spell though, and has only accidentally used it as a filly.

In addition to these, Sparkle can also perform many other spells she has made up(or just variations on spells.)

-Personal quote: "Anyskittles,"


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Spoiler: Fake Smile • show
Name: Fake Smile
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A Ghost With A Speech Bubble That Says "Ha Ha!"
Occupation: Street Performer
Personality: Vibrating with energy and smiles when she is working on the streets. Once she gets home or alone with friends, she is a bit more chill and calmed. She daydreams often and can get lost in her thoughts. Usually tired and can always be found with sweets on her.

A mare with a blue mane stands outside of a coffee shop. She is wearing a grey sweater and her jester hat as she leans against the shop. She is looking down at a newspaper that had an ad she placed out a few months ago. The mare was looking for a roommates to help split the bills. At first she didn't think anyone would answer, but lucky for her someone decided to meet with her to discuss the ad. She tried her best to look normal, but the star over her eye was something she hoped her future roommate wouldn't mind. The fluffy mane mare didn't know much about who was coming but she knew her name. It was rain something, she didn't really pay that close attention.  That was the point of this meeting anyway. With a smile on her face, she continued to wait outside for whoever answered her ad.
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(I think your description of one character is longer the most of my stories :v)

Spoiler: Gamepaw Bio • show

Name: Gamepaw
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Colours: General base fur colour is a dark Navy (#453b66), He has multiple patches of (#8c73c9), longer, fluffy fur (#765fa7) such as around his (#5a4e86) hind legs or his neck. (#816bbb) Which are multiple shades of lighter purple (#7062a7). On the tips of his paws and his inner ears he has a pale purple (bba6ff). He also has a dark to light blue gradient tail and mane. Which goes from the darker (#42459a) to the much lighter (#7d8df1). He also has light blue eyes (#74d4ff). His pawpads happen to be a lighter blue-ish purple in colours (#9d94fb).
Personality: Gamepaw is a fairly outgoing wolf, not to shy down from anything, bullies and the like. He however does not deal with heavy emotions well, such as not being able to control his laughing, or his sadness and will try to hide this. He tends to be kind, fatherly or loving, enjoying looking after young or other people he is fond of, will even put himself in the way if he sees something he doesn't like happening to another. He also tends to very food absorbing, commonly seen eating some sort of baked good, mainly pie as his favorite.
He can become fairly helpless due to his chubbiness getting the better of him, he can also be scared or become afraid very easily, due to his large weight and general helplessness
Physical Description: A pudgy wolf by no doubt as his constant snacking catches up with him, but it doesn't cause him much of an issue outside of his feral/pet form. Comparatively being a lot skinnier than the four legged counterpart. He is also fairly tall at around 6' 1" or 186cm in his anthro form, an going to a taller 210cm or around 6' 10" in taur form and staying at a moderate 94cm, around 3' 1" in his feral form. As an anthro character he also sometimes has a long extended tail, capable of wrapping around things such as others or his neck like a scarf. As a pet, he can normally been seen with a purple collar on, however it keeps having to be replaced due to his weight and size.
Short Backstories:
Being a lazy wolf Game got chubby fairly quickly and failed at keeping up with his fellow pack, who had eventually disowned him and left him to his own devices. Being the slow wolf he was he found it incredibly difficult to keep himself fed, as all the animals were too fast for him. He eventually settled for mainly grown things, such as berries or fallen apples, or heading into the city for food.

Game yawned moderately, stretching his body. Looking around he noticed that not many ponies where out and about, this allowed him just enough time to find breakfast.

Waddling out of the alley he was in, dodging everypony that was nearby he headed across and then the down he street he sniffed the air he smelled some warm coffee and some other random baked goods. Heading into the nearby alley, he knocked over a bin and flinched as it made a loud noise on the floor. He stuck his nose in the bin and managed to get some baked muffins, still perfectly preserved in a plastic bag, probably from yesterday or just old.

Eagerly the pudgy wolf started to devour them and laid back down, wondering if he should stay there the rest of the day or not.


(Yay  :D by the way cloudy is a Pegasus, I don't think i put that in the appearance)

Wearing a white and blue hoodie, the mare rushed her way to the coffee shop where Fake Smile was.

{The door is open, I am back again}


Glancing up from her newspaper, Fake Smile noticed someone running toward the coffee shop. At first, the mare didn't make much of it, since she had no idea who was coming to meet her. But the closer the mare got, the more she wondered if it was her. The mare sort of looks like a gal with a "rain" name, but didn't look like someone who would want to share an apartment. Smile returned her attention to the newspaper as she said under her breath,
Fake Smile: Geez, what's takin' this mare so long. . .  I mean, today is the day we meet. . . Right? . . . . .
I'll give her ten more minutes.

The mare stopped for a bit to think about the date. It wouldn't be the first time she mixed up the dates for events. The mare looked back up from her newspaper and stared forward; hopefully today was the right day.
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Screeching to a halt, about 6 feet away, the mare quietly walked to Fake Smile and tapped on her shoulder.

"Hi, you're Fake Smile, right? I hope I am not late for anything."
{The door is open, I am back again}


Sparkle stepped off of the train, heading for the entrance to the city.  It had been a long time since she had last been in Canterlot, and it was certainly an eventful time as well.  She sighed, taking a deep breath as she entered the capital city.  She streets were bustling with life as usual, and the golen building tops shimmered in the light.  Sparkle gave a light smile, familiar memories flooding back into her.  She decided to head to Paso Fino café, and buy herself a treat.


Fake Smile was lost in her thoughts when the Raindrops arrived; she didn't noticed that she was approaching her. She was startled by the sudden physical contact and looked over to see who touched her. Seeing a mare calmed her down, since she figured anyone that would approach her today would be the gal she was looking for. With a smile the mare chimed,
Fake Smile:Oh no, you're fine! There are so many coffee shops in this town, oh my gosh. I'm surprised you were able to find this! . . . You must be. . . Shower? Or Drizzle? Somethin' to do with the rain, I don't know. That's why we are meetin' up after all.
The mare let out a laugh as she finished talking. She was laughing more toward herself, thinking it was dumb that she couldn't remember the mare's name.
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Game deciding to leave the bins, waddled slowly out of the alley, failing to realize the piece of string trapped around his back paw, his padding of fur and the constant meals making it feel like nothing.

Not until he managed to sneak out and was near the middle of the outdoor part of the cafe did he notice and that was only due to the fact it had tripped him up and caused him to face plant heavily on the floor, making a noise to rival the bins and letting out a pained whine in the process.


"Well, I do find my name easy to forget. It's Cloudy Raindrops, and, it wasn't very hard to find this place... I've been here in Canterlot for quite a while.
{The door is open, I am back again}


A sigh of relief escaped Fake Smile's grin when she heard Cloudy already knew the location; she dreaded the thought of showing someone around.
Fake Smile: Thank goodness, I thought you were new. I lived here all my life and I still get lost.
The mare said with a smile. Remembering the whole point coming to the coffee shop she added,
Fake Smile:Anyway, we got business to take care of. Don't worry, it shouldn't take too long. It's like a interview to make sure you actually want to live in my apartment.
She let laughed at the last part as she entered the shop. The interview was more for the sake of the mare than herself. Her current living style isn't for everyone, but it is fun.
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She walked in with the mare, hoping the interview would go well.
{The door is open, I am back again}


Fake Smile happily went up to the counter and proceeded to give her order. She wasn't really hungry so she order a vanilla bean frappuccino with caramel. After she ordered she moved aside so her potential roommate could make her order. The mare moved to the side and leaned against the wall. A yawn slipped out of her tired smile. Earlier today was really a drag, and she needed a nap. But she was too excited to meet up with Cloudy to let the day damper her mood. Once the two were waiting for their drinks she asked,
Fake Smile: First question: What made you pick up my ad? I posted that a few months ago, and honestly thought no one would call.
The mare ended her question with a smile. Her voice was deep for a mare but was as smooth as honey. It also had a hint of sleepiness in it, but it was still was cheerful.
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Game whined and whimpered, unable to pull his leg out of the string holding him down. Stuck on the floor he hoped a nice pony would show up, hopefully not the catcher or someone like that.


Well I was looking for a place to stay. I just got out of Canterlot University, so I needed somewhere that wasn't too expensive. I was also hoping that I could meet a new friend, seeing as my other friend recently opened up a flower shop, and became very busy.

(I like how it fits up with the Canterlot university roleplay as an afterwards kinda thing.
{The door is open, I am back again}


(True, I was never in that. Being a wolfy and all. When will I get noticed, I`m at the cafe. I`m a big overweight blue wolf, very hard to miss. Am also trapped on the floor with one my legs caught.)


(( Prob by someone else since our OCs are busy. ))

Fake Smile: Dang, Canterlot University huh? Thats a nice college. I actually attended there a while ago, but I switch to online schoolin'. So I'll be home often.
The mare replied with a warm smile. The pony behind the counter announced the mares' name for their drinks. Smile happily took her frappuccino and picked a table near a window. As she placed her straw in her cup she said,
Fake Smile: Ye, my apartment is in downtown Canterlot. So its cheap. . . for Canterlot housin'. . . Which is why I'm lookin' for a roommate! I sort of bought a bigger apartment than I needed. No big deal though, just more room for my stuff.
The gal took a quick sip of her drink and let out a happy sigh. This stuff is what keeps her going through out the day, so her mood was already improving. Before she took another sip she asked,
Fake Smile: Okay, question two: Do you work yet? This place might be downtown, but its still pretty expensive.
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Sparkle was close of the Café now.  Approaching the door of the café, she sees a very fluffy wolf stuck to the floor.  "Oh dear, you poor thing!  How did you get stuck like that?" she said, a look of sympathy on her face.  She kneeled down to attempt to untie the poor wolf.


Game whined and whimpered, he didn't know the new pony and couldn't turn his body to see what she was doing.

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