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Name: Shadow Flame

Race: Pegasus

Lives: Anywhere and everywhere (Traveler)

Personality: Shy, keen on making friends, nervous for the new things, but brave for the old, and nervous of bullies

Friends: Due to wanderlust she has no 'real' friends but she has a lot of acquaintances.
Back Story: Shadow Fire was born and raised in Grand Junction. She was one of the few Pegasus who lived and was picked on by the other earth pony kids. She learned to sneak instead of fight because of this. As she grew older she tired of seeing desert and cherry tree's and instead went to go live an explorers life and went to travel the world. Learned her ability to control the weather to a very high standard from hearing legends of Commander Hurricane doing things that no pony was able to do with Pegasus magic before.

Skills: Able to control weather and make clouds to a very high standard
Spoiler: show


BLizzard Sheild
Cousin to Shadow Flame

Sparkle Mote
Earth pony
Freind to BLizzard

Essense dust
SIster to Sparkle Mote

Fireshine Dusk
Pony pheonix hybrid.
(Maybe be pegasus or unicorn)

Geo Nav
Freind to Shadow

Toffee Cream
Slime pony
Makes deserts esppically those with cream of toffee.

Part of The Kingdom of Roses


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Dreaming dots
Earth pony

Cresent Scarlet
Earth pony

Viridity Incresent
(Adopted from MagnaLuna)
Part of The Kingdom of Roses

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