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Name: Fancy Frosting
Aliases: She has many pseudonyms she uses to makes reservations at restaurants in order to preserve anononymity. These include Raspberry Jam, Sugar Plum, Barely Berry, among others.
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Additional Status: She has a light blue scarf and a red beret that she sometimes wears. Those within Cantelot high-society would be acquainted with her, as well as those who work in the "food industry" throughout Equestria.

-Physical Stuff-

Pelt Color: Pink
Mane/Tail Color and Style: Fancy has a long, straight Celeste blue mane that curls up slightly at the ends. Her tail compliments her mane, being long and straight, yet with a fanciful loop at the end.
Eye Color: Turquoise
Cutie Mark: A silver plate between a knife and fork.
Physique: Fancy has slightly longer legs than your average pony, though nowhere near that of an alicorn. Her body is fairly thin despite eating a copious amount of food, owing to a fast metabolism (and perhaps some unicorn magic.)


Current Residence: An apartment above an empty storefront on a high-class street of Canterlot.
Job: She is a food critic with aspirations to run her own fine dining establishment in the heart of Canterlot. She has a column in a couple newspapers with Equestria-wide distribution. She also writes articles for various food-related magazines.
Mother: An earth pony baker.
Father: An earth pony baker. 
Sibling(s): She has a younger filly-aged earth pony sister named Sprinkle Surprise. They had been close friends until Fancy left Fillydelphia.
Other Family: Frosting's family is largely made up of earth ponies and almost all work in some food-related capacity.
Closest Friends: She has a few acquaintances within Canterlot high society as well as some restaurant owners, but no true friends as of yet.


Likes: Above all things, Fancy Frosting adores food - but not just any food. Her palate is disposed towards only the most sophisticated, most refined, and most expensive cuisine. She is also rather fond of a good presentation and an atmosphere to match; an outdoor cafe in Rainbow Falls received especially high marks. She also enjoys art in general and is an active patron.
Dislikes: Though she loves food, she holds a somewhat unfair disdain for the dishes she regards as vulgar. This includes her namesake: frosting. She also looks down on unprofessionalism and incompetence in general. Any little detail can put her off, be it poor posture or clashing colors.
Motivation: Fancy Frosting desires a world that is a little cleaner, a little smarter, and a little more of how she wants it to be. The value of Equestria, in her view, is to be measured by the richness of its art and cultural values. She believes the only way to improve the world is to honestly point out its flaws and help everypony improve. Some ponies may think her overly harsh, but her end goal is generally noble.
Strengths: Though some may not like her criticisms, she tries her best to make them constructive. She provides as many details as possible as well as suggestions on how to improve. Although some may take her complaints personally, she never actually insults anypony. Beyond her positive use of criticism, she has a very fine eye for detail and will happily offer a second opinion.
Weaknesses/Flaws: Fancy Frosting tends to be overly critical and has been known to hurt the feelings of other ponies. Some even blame her for the closing down of a handful of restaurants throughout Equestria, which may or may not be true. The wording in her reviews is very direct, describing things as she seems them without any sort of sugarcoating (or frosting). That, however, isn't necessarily a negative trait. Beyond that, she is prone to judgement and prejudice. As mentioned before, she looks down upon anything or anypony that fails to meet her expectations.
Fears: Fancy Frosting's greatest fear is that she herself could face the criticism she so frequently deals out. Her dream of opening and managing a fine dining establishment is precarious at best. Though she is skilled at criticism, it has been some time since she has actively created something herself.
Overall Persona: Fancy Frosting is a self-declared pony of sophistication. She takes herself very seriously, as well as all of her work. This often makes her quite busy and she does not always have time for friends. Concerning friends, she doesn't have a large assortment. That isn't to say she lacks certain social skills, but rather she is not as personable as other ponies. She tends to judge others quickly and decide whether or not they are a waste of time. In that way, she is rather elitist and a bit of a snob. For those ponies who impress her, or are simply patient enough to deal with her, she may prove herself to be a loyal and helpful friend.
History/Background: Fancy Frosting was born to two earth ponies who managed a confectionery shop in Fillydelphia. Being the only unicorn in quite a few generations, her presence was rather noteworthy. Nonetheless, she was expected to carry on the family trade of creating all manner of sweets and desserts. In this she showed a surprising aptitude. Long hours were spent perfecting her various delights. Naturally, some of her budding magic was utilized in the process. This was fairly unheard of in within the family circle. Some cousins would even claim that she had no natural talent at all, but rather depended on magic to make her food palatable. When one of her sister's dishes was deemed superior simply because it was made with bare hooves, she left her family's shop in tears. Though first hurt, she came to the conclusion that her family was simply not attuned to true culinary perfection. She longed to create food that was truly meaningful - a piece of art.

With this new-found aspiration, she did as many unicorns do best: study. Since "Culinary Arts" was not an available subject at school, she found what books she could at the local library. Though still but a filly, her third cousin twice removed just so happened to own a restaurant nearby and offered her a small job there. It involved little actual cooking. Instead, she spent most of her time taking out the garbage and cleaning cooking equipment. However, she this as an opportunity to learn through observation. Chef de cuisine, sous-chef, chef de partie - she took careful note of what everypony was doing and how everything worked together. Indeed, whenever she had an opportunity between tasks, she would actually scribble down notes.
As knowledge is of little use without application, she started writing in her school's newspaper. Needless to say, she wrote about food. First it was just about how much she liked food and her favorite recipes. Gradually, it developed further into food criticism, as she began to evaluate various dishes. It wasn't long until she went from restaurant to restaurant wearing a large brimmed hat, sampling meals with a notebook at her side. Of course, everypony knew who she was, as there weren't many school-aged fillies spending all their bits of allowance on fine dining. She would later counter this by using a wide variety of fake names and disguises, many of which she still calls upon today. Every professional was once an amateur, after all.
It wasn't long until her school newspaper column became a burgeoning success. It managed to make the leap in readership from classmates and family members to the Fillydelphian public at large. Her witty, thoughtful, and sometimes brutally honest reviews made every bit an interesting read. However, every good critic has critics of her own. Frosting's most significant detractors were actually those of her family. They pointed to one of her partially caustic pieces, in which she referred to her uncle's filly cheesecakes as "something similar in consistency to cottage cheese... lumpy and dry... only partially thawed... with a stale crumb crust." Suffice it to say her uncle was too hysterical at the time to comment.
Though many ponies simply adored her critiques, she earned for herself the ire of a vocal minority that represented many of the well-established food proprietors of Fillydelphia. Some of her own family members declared her an amateur, which she was, and a naive filly, which she was. Some would even accuse of her of being a unicorn, which she also was. Distressed by these valid but meaningless accusations, Frosting began to question whether or not she was meant to be a critic. She then summoned up her courage and wrote an open letter in the school paper. It was in this she acknowledged the opinions of detractors:

   Dear Everypony,

   Many of you, especially those of my family, have found issues with my recent reviews in the school newspaper. Yes, I am young. Yes, I am not (yet) a professional critic. However, nothing of what you have said has anything to do with what I actually wrote. You say that I dislike some of your dishes because I know nothing of cuisine. Yet not once did you say anything in defense of them. You have ignored the points I have brought up and resorted to attacking my character. My teacher, Miss Cherry Blossom says that is referred to as 'ad hominem.' I understand that some of you are upset, but if I were to be truly honest and impartial with my views, I have to provide every detail I can, whether it be positive or negative. If I were to only mention the positive, my words be without value. This goes even more so for my family. I cannot be taken seriously as a critic if I do not treat everypony equally. Despite what some of you claim, I do not do this because I hate food. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I think many of your culinary creations are wonderful, but they can be even better. I promise to be more fair in the future, but I also ask not to be run out of town.

   Fancy Frosting
   Aspiring Food Critic

   Fillydelphia Public School 17
   Student Press

It was before she finished the final draft that she glanced down to her side and saw her cutie mark: a silver plate in between a knife and fork. It was on that that day she, too, realized the importance of constructive criticism. Once her schooling was completed, she packed her saddlebag and moved on to Canterlot. It was there she would fulfill her dream of becoming a professional food critic. Now, she aims even higher.


Woah, that is a very detailed OC. Makes me
want to go back and set up my page like
yours, LoL.
Anyway, I really like readin' this. Fancy Frosting's
history was believable and it was fun to read.
She seems like a really interestin' pony, hopefully
we'll see more of her.

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Pretty descriptive! ^-^ Makes me want to get back into OC creation.

Kat the skeleton

Name:sans/poor has no home wants a family/wears a tattered blue jacket and tattered basketballs shorts./race skeleton pony/(male)/always getting bullied by kids who are rich.

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