update from game launcher or in menu

Started by piper hooves, 2016 Jan 19, 19:50:34

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piper hooves

2016 Jan 19, 19:50:34 Last Edit: 2016 Jan 19, 20:28:23 by piper hooves
i think like other games i play like war thunder and kerbal space program
the game should recieve its updates from the launcher
mainly so players dont have to go to the website to download updated files of their game
it will make it way easier  0:)
if thats not possible probably do it while game startup or something or the options menu
either that or im doing something wrong cause i currently dont know how to update my game  :o

Princess Darcy

We do eventually want this to be the end result.  We've had issues with the launcher but in time it will server that function :)


Since Darcy already explained it, I guess we can count this as "resolved" for now :)

Not to be confused with Zukiuke

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