The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jan 17, 23:00:50

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I loved every second of it  *-*


I had a great time!

Thanks a ton!


Talk about an awesome OSW. I had so much fun and can't wait for the next one!

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I unfortunately could not join in the fun because the game wouldn't work for me :c  (I blame my computer) but I'm glad everyone else had a great time! :D
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haha, I made alot of vids this weekend, probably gonna try to upload them all this week.

Pictures? e.e, and I missed the dragon, but somehow I saw fire though o.o

I reached 20 pictures booya. [insert random jokes here]

me: xD



what am I doing to my life?



;-; can't wait till next one, I was having SO MUCH FUN partying and doing quests anddoinghideandseek

Look kitty, a wizard

[insert grumpy cat meme here]


this was a super duper fun weekend. i hope we can do this soon again.
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I had so much fun playing and had been waiting for a server opening for a long time. It was amazing, great fun and I love the gameplay and animations. The one thing I would like to say is though, some of my attacks didn't work, but that doesn't matter


I managed to stream the last hour of the osw and, it's still processing on youtube. I was planing on streaming the entire 2 days but, whenever the servers refreshed, the game wouldn't load because, of streaming so, i had to stop streaming,quit the game and, get back on and, then re-stream again.  :c


That was my first time playing the game and it was fun!

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I finished my write-up. Check it out here.
Good night, and good luck.

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Chicago Ted, just to touch on one of the things you suggested in your write-up.

From LoE FAQs:
QuoteCan I upload my own cutie mark?
No. The sheer amount of moderation that would be required would be too exhaustive in order to keep cutie marks acceptable for everyone, so you cannot upload custom cutie marks.

Regardless, from what I glanced over in your write-up, it was written really well. I assume you'll be returning?

P.S. - The last OSW we overflowed TWO whole servers by putting ponies in just SCC. 0:) The servers will improve with time.
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Quote from: Crimson_Tail on 2016 Jan 17, 23:02:46
I gotta say, this was sorta worse than the last open server event to be honest ..

Same here...

That 5-15 max FPS all the time  :l


I had an amazing time among you all once again, mostly partying inside SCC! ^.^ It's so great to literally be in the same room as the musician, the remixer, and the DJ who's playing the remix, all together at the same time!! The mixes were all awesome and I had fun with so many other ponies/bronies around me. Next time I should think about exploring more though! (and meeting up with my friends, lol)

I don't like the new movement system though, it makes things so much more complicated! And now I can't look around my pony while moving anymore!
Also, if I may add, the room restarts are annoying (good thing it seems to keep us all together though). But the most annoying thing was during the closing party mix, there was a server restart and it split up the huge party we had!!

Other than that it's as wonderful of an experience as ever, keep rocking you guys :) Love you all!

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But hey! at least we had fun right?
It might have been worse then last OSW BUT!!!
The People making this possible have to do stuff with the open server so the lag and blocks is out the window!
so don't be sad D: DD:
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Aww.... I'm late, so when the server opened again? Next month?  -.-


A nomad, tired from wandering.


The correct answer is actually we don't know. OSWs are  scheduled based on how much production has been made and what needs testing, therefore there is no way to estimate the next one


A nomad, tired from wandering.

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So many changes from LoE beginning... Watch some pre-Alpha videos and then watch videos from this version... You did well, LoE!!!!
Can't wait for another OSW and try THIS AWESOME game!!!!

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