The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jan 17, 23:00:50

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And I HAD to miss the party where they spawned a dragon at the last moment! You better do something awesome and unexpected the next time the servers open. :l


It was very funny :D :D :D :D
IM gonna miss  DD: DD: DD:
<3 <3 <3

AH PyrotechNick


It was an awesome event! I'll cya'll in the next one!  :D
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Oh yes, that was wonderful guys!

I'm so glad i joined on this OSW!

Hopefully we will all meet on the game again, to make all those great moments happen again and again, creating lots of beautiful memories!


Sunny Day!

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i had fun! Fluttershy's cottage, the few quests i managed to do in such a short period of time, visiting all of the old places again, talking to the NPCs (i LOVE the NPCs in this game! they're just.. awesome!) also hello to that person who added me as a friend! i can't remember your name though! :o either "Star Shower" or "Snow Shower"?

also hello to that person who added me to their party in Evershade tonight! i can't remember your name unfortunately. it started with an "A" but that's all i've got.

thanks to that one guy... wow, why am i forgetting all these names? "Yakuto YurokX"? i stopped a Cockatrice* that was coming after you in Evershade. then while i was looking in my inventory, one came after me and you started attacking it. thanks!

thanks to those people who were dancing outside SCC (sugarcane corner) with me! watching the dancing on my screen was just hilarious. probably weirded out the people on that bench nearby! :P edit: dustyb216 you're one of the people on the bench that we weirded out! :D and there i am!

*one thing i want to say publicly is... could the enemies PLEASE be less aggressive next time? yikes, half the time, even after you fainted, they'd still chase you around the map. and if you could fly, they'd even chase you into the air, even if they weren't supposed to be able to fly.

but overall i had a ton of fun! thanks to the LoE developer-maker-staff-running-admin-game-people for another fun weekend!
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Already closed? Oh man, I wanted to spend the last hour of the server before it close, but at least I found some interesting glitch or something: Get a infinite XP in one single quest that never end (What I mean is you get 800 XP over and over at one guest) and the strange thing in SCC: A NPC fainted!

I wonder what glitches everybody has found. See you next time!


Pretty much the highlight of my experience

Chicago Ted

A level 300 dragon in Sugarcube Corner.



Good night, and good luck.


Yes, another successful OSW. It's like my 6th time on here, but the "end of the world Party" is always what I look forward to the most. Gotta say, this one ended pretty crazily, with -Message Filtered- jokes, Undertale spam, and at the very end, a random Dragon in SCC  lol. They didn't listen, they weren't there when the dragons attacked. Looking forward to the next OSW, hopefully with less spam and fewer glitches.  X3

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Suddenly Godzilla. Dead bodies everywhere. That was pretty unorthodox way to say the servers were closing. I mean, I've heard about crashing the party but this was RIDICULOUS...

I LOVED this event. I'm already waiting the next  :3 :3 :3

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Quote from: FlutterButterflyMLP on 2016 Jan 17, 23:09:32
Here are two screenshots I got!

Whoa! Who brought a DRAGON into SCC?

A lot of us FAINTED because somebody brought a dragon into SCC!  :P

How did a dragon got inside the Sugarcube Corner?! I didn't see it when I come inside there to join and dance with you ponies at the party or I just left outside from there. :o
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That was super fun! I can't wait for the next Open Server Weekend!  ^-^


aw man, i missed the dragon. i was on my way there. was so close, then poof server gone.  >A< :'(
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It was shorter than normal but still enjoyable and fun as always. Loved seeing every pony again and had a great time hanging out with my friends like Nightmare dancer   ^-^ and of course my lighter half princess Luna  :luna: until the big sit.  ono
Of course the highlight of it all was that dragon ambush in SCC  lol
Thanks for the great time LoE team and hope we get another chance to play soon with a third day to play of course  X3


It was a short one but it sure did last a long time. I even stayed up for the end this time.   Might of made a few new friends..  X3

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Quote from: Allen Nguyen on 2016 Jan 17, 23:22:07
How did a dragon got inside the Sugarcube Corner?! I didn't see it when I come inside there to join and dance with you ponies at the party or I just left outside from there. :o

I have no idea! O.O
But there was someone saying "SPAWN A DRAGON! SPAWN A DRAGON!"
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i wasn't there at the end.but next time i will and i will hip hop to the end of the server!!
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It was over before I barely processed it had begun.  :c
Till next time..


It was fun.  For those of you who saw May Apple / Mini May Apple, it was great talking to you. ^-^

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