The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jan 17, 23:00:50

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OK, I just downloaded this game yesterday, and I had a lot of fun because this is the first good mlp game I've found. Now, I wanted to play this game a few minutes ago, and I found the servers were closed. Why exactly do the servers close? I think more people would enjoy this game if the servers stayed open. And also, when will they open again?


It's in alpha.  They need to close so we can add / fix things.


I'm new to this game, are the servers not on on the time only on certain events or, are they always active and they just close after a major event and then open on the next day. o.O

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But... It was really fun!!! I enjoyed the cat tower xD and more funny things, like killing the monsters and I can't frogot The fun with my all friends!!! So, see you next time! :)
And I want something what can save my AWESOME pony Tiger Eye from this OSW.... :/ And I'm going to upload a short gameplay, so check my stupid channel ^^
Name: Aricela Faststar. I'm sure you will find it, it's SSO channel but in osws it't little bit LoE xDDD

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I hope everyone have.

Pony in last picture scare me xD
She looks like i want your soul for me.
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Have fun and good luck.

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I will be honest, I wasn't too amped/hyped/excited this time around. Given that I just had a couple long weeks might have been a part of it, but to say that an OSW wasn't a surprise would be a lie. I'm not sure why I wasn't really up for this.

Right off the bat, the main menu music, the first music I ever heard when I first played this. Even thought it wasn't too long ago, nostalgia still hit me. I had to rework some of the controls because they got switched around, not the devs fault, but I was just happy to figure it out.

The new combat music, THE COMBAT MUSIC, oh my sweet Luna it. gave. me. chills. Not because it was new music to the game, but the sounds, the instruments, the dynamic, just on the edge of perception. I can't explain it. While it's probably pushing the envelope to be implemented in a game such as LoE, I still enjoyed it. And the horns, THE HORNS.

I guess it was just an off weekend for me. Since it was going to be shorter, I planned to stay up through ALL of it. Needless to say, I failed to do so. I also didn't prepare a personal quest log like last OSW. It . . . *sigh* It has nothing to do with the development team, it was just a bad weekend for me and hearing SO MANY people have difficulties from accessing the download in order to download all the way to random server kicks and I couldn't figure out half of them other than "try a relog" or "try another download." And then there's internet connection and computer power and antivirus softwares . . .

This game NEEDS to be finished. I don't care when, it just needs to see the light of day. This is too good for what it is to be shunned away by computer problems and server issues. I enjoy this game. I really do. I like how everything looks. I like the team's interpretations of major MLP locations, even coming up with The Heartlands on their own. I even enjoy some of the quests, they all seem pretty unique (yeah I could delve into nitty-gritty stuff about how some NPCs only exist for their two lines, but I'm not gonna). The quest lengths vary incredible, which shows off the diversity. Mindless Violins is so long, but it's so worth it. While stuff like combat can still be ironed out, it will help pave the way for all of the other skills planned. I'm eager to see what the devs have planned.

Will you see me at the next one? Absolutely. If only for several hours, you will see me there. It's not gonna be like ArcheAge or Guild Wars or Aion or World of Warcraft, but it will be SOMETHING. I've spent minimal times in MMOs (or really at all), but when I first logged on and saw all the open expanses and little hidden out coves, it looked so huge and grande and after multiple OSWs and running around for quests and helping people when it comes up in chat I still, I STILL miss things, or find things, or forget where things are. Someone showed me a portal to a washed-up crystal heart (which was strangely absent this time 'round), but this time I found that Quicksand's house in The Heartlands is laid out much like Fluttershy's cottage in the show. It gave me respite from the populace to just watch the chat.

Keep up the sparce OSWs. Argodaemon had brought up a good point on one of his last streams that people would grow bored really quick if servers were opened full time as is. I'm really sorry if sometimes people tell you glitches as if "they should have been fixed already" or "you're the devs, this is your fault." Please, just, do what you can.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto

LoE is on no deadline. You do you, devs. Just . . . tweet something out once in a while to let us know you're alive. No, not when you fix a glitch, but just a little "horse in socks" or the like.

P.S. - Maybe something to keep in mind with the growing player base: Closed tests. Gives a little more control and less static when contacting the players. Would also greatly minimize stress on the servers, could point out things that would break under heavy load. Probably when you're settled in Beta.

Please, just . . . don't lose hope.
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Quote from: O. Vannen on 2016 Jan 18, 03:14:20
Please, just . . . don't lose hope.[/size]

I won't lose hope just yet!
i just Started the game!

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Well here I leave the video of this weekend  :D


Why don't we make a Pony rewind?

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy

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I want to agree with O Vannen on pretty much everything... I spent all of the weekend trying to get in just to create a tutorial on how to change your keybinds, and as soon as I started trying to do it the servers went down for whatever reason(This is... after 25 mins of playing Saturday lol).... Very unfortunate as I spent maybe 25 mins flying around Cloudsdale to not get to do anything afterwards, even on Sunday I was having the same issue : / maybe I derped out, maybe not... but I would definitely suggest trying to make the options menu a bit smaller, as it took up the entire screen and I couldn't move it to see what my keybind changes had done until backing out entirely. Also if you could have an x at the corner, to easily escape from the menu totally without the difficult 'Back to options' 'back to menu' 'back to game' setup would take a lot of questions and stress out of those with the 'You can't change your settings' people. I'd also like to see a 'If you'd like to change your settings, simply left click and input your chosen setting' at the top. That way people KNOW you CAN in fact change what you don't like without the hours of argument over 'The new settings are crap' which I'm sure no one liked to see... I didn't get to take part in any of the fun but I did get to actually get online, make a character and see what the start of the game was like. I'm sorry I couldn't give more input on my view of the game, as I am a big beta tester (From Everquest Yes the original Everquest all the way up to Blade and Soul recently, everything from p2p games to f2p games to browser games!) I will be here til the end and I want to see you guys finish the game...

Please.... Take your time... Upgrade the servers gradually... Don't stress out and please try to keep drama out of everything (Not saying anything or even assuming its there... but I KNOW it can happen) We're all psyched to see this game come to life. Some of us have wanted a MLP game since before FiM was in existence I'm sure :P


Sadly. The Open Server Weekend is over..

I want to thank the LoE & PonyvilleFM for celebrating PVFM's anniversary with a Open Server Weekend.

I saw JockeTF & BN_King. It was my favorite moment of the open server weekend.

Until next time. Bye~ni!!


Just waiting for chat too come back now. :3

Wolfies needs the chatbox :v

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I too wait for chat.
I now so bored because is Chat offline.

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Have fun and good luck.


 D: DD: Oh, not again... I missed about that, and I need to wait 1 year or 5-6-7 months when the server will be open again...  ono


Quote from: Gamepaw on 2016 Jan 18, 10:43:44
Just waiting for chat too come back now. :3

Wolfies needs the chatbox :v

Yes, I wonder why it still isn't up
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It takes a few days before they bring the chat up
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Quote from: LunarDusk on 2016 Jan 18, 11:33:45
It takes a few days before they bring the chat up

But what about my Social Life D:


Quote from: LunarDusk on 2016 Jan 18, 11:33:45
It takes a few days before they bring the chat up


awkward silence
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I've had a fun weekend!
It was fun with the filtered jokes,the battles,that protest againist bad servers.Doing quests,alots of fun fun stuff!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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