that user is already playing...

Started by -SkyPow3r-, 2016 Jan 17, 17:09:26

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2016 Jan 17, 17:09:26 Last Edit: 2016 Jan 17, 17:15:36 by -SkyPow3r-
The game reconnect the server but it stuck so I closed it, but when I tried to connect again with the game reopened it gave me this error "that user is already playing"

It appears on Amareicas server
Its okay...


Same! And it's very aggrevating....  ono

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Same, on Europonia... Where is ping 21...


A moderator can erase this, I posted it in the wrong location.
Its okay...



That just happened to me a few hours ago.
And I never saw Europonia again  >.<
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This is more of a game issue more than it is a site/bug issue.

I think the only remedy for this was logging out & trying again later, though thankfully this bug has been reported already, at least from what I remember seeing in the helpdesk.

Since this is a known issue, I'll go ahead and lock the thread. I'm still sorry you had to deal with it though!

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