Unable to connect after lost connection

Started by Guardian Ignis, 2016 Jan 16, 20:02:16

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Guardian Ignis


I recently lost connection on Coltorado, and later Amarekas. Now when ever I try to connect to both servers I am greeted by a "Connection Failed: This user is already playing."
The only server left I can access is Eurponia. However I feel like I'm just going to get stuck there too.

Is there anything I can do? I'd very much like to continue playing the open server weekend.


This is a known issue among the devs, so hopefully they'll find a way to fix it soon o_o

The most you can do (as far as I know) is log off and try again a while later.

Since the previous OSE is already over, I'm gonna go ahead and lock this thread and move it to resolved issues. Hopefully it's not a problem the next time, but if it does happen again, you can always report it to the "game bugs reports" helpdesk. :)

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