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Started by Shrapnel Boom, 2016 Jan 16, 19:01:56

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Shrapnel Boom

My game isn't showing me the usual hotbar along the bottom, missing the dance, sit wave etc keys. I can see many, many ponies dancing around equestria but no one will tell me how to dance too  DD: Has my game bugged or is there a new way to do these emotes?


you should see 2 arrows over the hotbar move them and you'll see your dance,ect

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Shrapnel Boom

My brother helped me and found out you use the scroll wheel on the mouse to change the hotbar  ^-^ I'm curious, what are all of these new, extra hotbar buttons for?


I think a lot of the "extra" ones you see are placeholders for different attacks and such.

I'm glad this issue got resolved though! ^-^ I think I'm gonna go ahead and lock up this thread for now.

Also you may want to ask this kind of question in the LoE discussion next time :)

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